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    Sleep Apnea, Frequent Urination at night (Nocturia) & Diabetes

    "...A research study showed that over 84% of patients with sleep apnea reported frequent nighttime urination while 82% acknowledged snoring. Until recently, nocturia was thought to be caused by a full bladder, but it is also a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea..."

    Here's the significance of the, above, fact:

    1. If you have (A.) Sleep Apnea and (2.) Over-Active-Bladder and you do nothing to treat these two conditions, forget it.

    You're a "goner". Get your affairs in order because you aint gonna be around much longer.

    2. If you have an Over-Active-Bladder and you wake up multiple times at night (Nocturia) &/or bed wet, forget it...

    Once again, get your affairs in order because you aint gonna be around much longer.

    The most important thing to a diabetic if they hope to remain healthy and stop their disease from progressing is a good night's sleep. Everybody knows about Sleep Apnea, by, now. They know it is toxic to the human body!

    What they don't know and this is never discussed, here, is Nocturia, frequent urination at night. Just as does sleep apnea, nocturia destroys sleep quality and without plenty of sleep, you cannot control blood sugar and stop inflammation.

    Once diagnosed for sleep apnea, my dad used his CPAP machine, every night, for 15 years. It's been 8 years since his passing but I still wondered, "Why did my dad's Type 2 Diabetes keep progressing?", despite:
    ...eating a strict, ultra-clean, low sugar-low carb diet,
    ...40 mins on a paddle board in the pool, everyday,
    ...Maintained a BMI under 20

    Today, I wonder no more. It was the O.A.B. (at the end, he would wake 6-7 times a night to pee).

    The point is this: Any thing that prevents you from getting a good night's sleep will, essentially, kill you.

    Stress, GERD, IBS, nausea, menopause, drug-alcohol abuse, back pain, neuropathy...ANYTHING! It will kill you! Diabetes will be the least of your worries, truly!

    The average "Joe" walking the streets in this country has no idea how vital sleep is to staying healthy (especially, obesity).

    PS: Vets are making a killing over this one little secret. O.A.B., IBS, uterine tract infections, rotten teeth, cancer and diabetes often stem from problems their animals have sleeping. Dog and cat owners are spending $000's on their pets because they simply have no inkling how important nocturnal sleep is for an animal.

    If your animal is obese or has fleas, these are 2 major reasons for poor sleep.

    You'd think this was common sense, wouldn't you?
    tsk, tsk, tsk
    Everyday, every veterinarian in America, when they see a customer walk into their waiting room with their beloved pet, they whisper, "HOOK UP!!!!!". It's like shooting fish in a barrel.