• 1 month ago

    No Love

    I have T2 Diabetes and I can't get my meds. I'm an dependent contractor, so I don't have health insurance through a company. This year I didn't get a lot of work during the AHC enrollment window, and I couldn't get coverage.

    I finally started getting enough steady work to get personal health insurance and come to find out that the health insurance companies are doing this loop hole thing that will allow them to deign insurance for pre-existing conditions with there personal plans.

    I don't have any meds, I can't get insurance, and I can't go to a doctor because they won't even acknowledge you if you don't have insurance.

    I've called around to clinics and such and most won't prescribe meds for these types of conditions. I did find an urgent care that will, but only one time.

    It seriously feels like it's not worth fight for. Why try to get better if the whole medical industry doesn't want anything to do with you. They might as well start putting up billboards that say "If your sick, we don't care, just die already!".

    Sorry about this, I've got no questions or anything. I'm just frustrated and wanted to rant.