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    Thoughts to Remind All of Us...

    First, about three weeks ago, my dog was attacked by a neighbor's dog. It was swift, sudden...little time to react. I know, they say, never try to break up a dogfight. but that's pretty much impossible to follow when your dog is being mauled by a junkyard hound.

    So, I saved my buddy...unfortunately, though, at the expense of the a large portion of the tip of my thumb and nail. Needless to say, blood, everywhere.

    Despite my wife's pleas and, since it was an open wound, I decided to not go to emergency. I got a tetanus shot about 8 years, before, and the dogs were up to date on shots...so, i "treated", myself.

    Protected the wound with bandages. Cleaned it twice daily in warm salt water (screams!). Drank my body weight in water (170 ozs/day). Absolutely no processed sugar, whatsoever. Plenty of rest.

    After three weeks, wound is healing, nicely. Skin is growing back. Feeling is slowly returning. Nail is growing back, well. No more pain. I can swing a golf club (Tiger (in the) Woods!). I'm well on my way to a full recovery after a very serious injury!

    About six months ago, one of my dogs developed a problem that he never experienced, before...

    He started to make a big mess in the middle of the night. It was sporadic, though. He would go three, four days with no signs of loose stools, then, BAM!!! Why??? What's the root cause?

    No change in his diet (egg, brown rice, steamed kabocha, mixed veggies, a little tuna fish and 33% dog kibble). No change in weight.
    Incredible appetite. Coat, skin, eyes, everything, perfect, for a ten year old dog...

    I'll cut to the end to prevent boredom. After 3 months of insane observation, perplexing trials and error with diet and, taking him outside a 2am in the morning, I finally figured out the problem:


    I wanted to resolve this problem, myself. I knew this was a complex problem. Very little google chit chat to help on "intermittent diarrhea in dogs" to help. My dogs are incredibly healthy and well cared for. And, I'm against any kind of drugs or medications...on, myself, my family and, especially, my dogs! Therefore, no vets. If there's nothing on the internet, how much could a vet help if he/she
    would see my dog for 10 minutes? Besides, like I said, no other tell tale issues besides the doo...

    Anyway, cut to the chase, when my dog was scratching, I quickly laid him down and hunted the fleas. If have two dogs but this one is highly sensitive (allergic) to flea bites. Thus, when he got bit, he'd scratch, incessantly. If he had fleas, he couldn't sleep...

    If he couldn't sleep............he'd develop digestive "issues".

    So, "WHY", now?

    Simple. He's an old dog, now. (cont.)


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    RE: Thoughts to Remind All of Us...

    What's my point?
    What has these two completely different anecdotal stories have in common?
    &, what the hell does this have to do with diabetes?

    Answer: To most all of you...
    1. There is no point, and
    2. I'm a fool of an old man in golf shoes.

    But, to a small, select few, they see the very same thing, as I. &, it has everything to do with diabetes...

    Type 2 Diabetes is a perplexing and very complex "riddle". But, if treated like an "injury", there is promise and potential rejuvenation.

    I didn't need a doctor to heal my finger. And, in truth, I didn't really "treat" my wound. All I did was take great care of my body and my body healed the injury, itself. How in the $%&#! did my body know that vascular tissue, nervous tissue, skin and nail!!! needed to be replaced, in the correct proportions and precise locations and in the just the right sequence?

    How did my body know not to grow a testicle or an ear at the the end of my freakin thumb?!?

    I don't know...That's god "stuff". What I do know, from countless experience and prior injury, the human body possesses miraculous capacity to REPAIR, itself.

    Why, "fleas"? How do I know it wasn't some other issue that corrected, itself?

    I don't know.

    All I know is that, when my dog sleeps well at night, he doesn't make a mess. If I pick the fleas off him, his sleep improves. And, as a dog ages, (and, the very same principles apply to human aging), their body's capacity to self "treat" slowly, methodically weakens. Hence, my dog's tolerance to poor, fitful sleep at night has diminished with age. Who cares? All I know is I hate waking up at 2AM to walk a dog and, now, I don't have to do it, anymore!

    If you look at digestive issues like an "injury", you can strengthen the immune response and improve healing power. My experience with my pooch reinforces my beliefs on aging and disease.

    Diabetes is an injury.
    Aging, too, is an injury.
    You don't "treat" injuries. That's god's domain.
    What you do, instead, is take proper, "common sense" care of the body to create optimum environment and opportunity for self "treatment"...

    Then, get out of the way, to allow miracles to happen...

    The problem with this board (and, every other board, here) is that people simply won't take a step back and REMEMBER all the serious injuries and illnesses they've suffered in their lifetimes. Countless times, too, many to recall. The pain and discomfort all faded from memory...

    But, they can't. They won't...

    Because, they take for granted just how incredible their body is at it's ability to "repair", itself!

    In closing, I'd like to help others, here, because of my experience. I reversed my Type 2 Diabetes over 12 years, ago. No drugs. No doctors (except annual blood panels, of course).

    I use to test. I haven't tested in close to two years. A1C is always clean; what's the point in testing? More importantly, I feel great. I'm 63, fit & trim.

    I didn't see a doctor to show my wife what I've learned over the years.
    There's a doctor inside of all of us. Don't ever forget it!

    or, maybe, try CBD oil...I hear good things about that.
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        Wow,Bruno. How did I miss this? I'm happy and relieved that you and your pups are doing well. Loved these posts. Continue to take good care of yourself.

        Wishing you and your family the best.

      • 5 months ago
        Best wishes to you, as well, Mrs C. I'm so glad you've remained to help all the Type 1s that visit with questions. Thank you for your excellent insights and contributions over the years.