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    The new Inhaled Mealtime Insulin Afrezza

    I have been seeing commercials, YouTube videos, and lots of chatter about the new Inhaled Insulin Afrezza. Those who have been lucky enough to get a prescription of Afrezza are calling it a complete game changer, no needles, significantly lower A1c, and little or no Hypoglycemia. But with all the great life changing success stories, it seems some Insurance companies are slow to cover it, and many Endocrinologists won’t prescribe it.
    So my question is,,
    If Afrezza is really this good, why the resistance from Insurance Companies and Endocrinologists ??
    Also, is anybody in this forum currently using Afrezza at mealtimes, and if yes, how does it seem to work compared to other injectible Mealtime Insulin products, (novolog, humalog,,,,,).
    I just finished watching this short video of an Afrezza user.
    In the video he compares the speed and effectiveness of Afrezza with the speed and effectiveness of an injected Mealtime Insulin.
    It’s a great video, I hope you like it.


    Thanks RC


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    RE: The new Inhaled Mealtime Insulin Afrezza

    I've seen a few people online who really liked afrezza, but there are things to consider. Insulin can be a growth hormone and taking it into your lungs long term can cause growths of tumors (hopefully, most benign). It is also inappropriate for people with lung issues and/or asthma. Some others have problems with dosing as the4 dosing is very, very different than with insulin. It hasn't really been around long enough to determine the long term effects on the lungs. But in the short term, the people I currently know who use it really like it.
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        Interesting comment about tumors in the lungs. I know a few that were in the fda clinical trials, that have been using Afrezza for over 10 years, and are reporting improved lung function, no mention of any tumors, or any respiratory problems at all. Actually 1 guy that I’ve been talking with said he had his Dr prescribe it off label due to the fact that he had asthma. After a short time using Afrezza, his asthma seemed to vanish. His spirometer tests that he gets every 6 months are showing improved lung function. And again, his A1c has been in the high 5’s, and since he started using Afrezza, Hypoglycemia has also vanished.
        It seems that the time profile, or the speed of Afrezza, (peaks in 12 minutes, and is out of the system in about 2 hours), keeps people from ever going high at mealtimes, and also prevents Hypoglycemia because it’s out of the system before digestion is complete, so there is no insulin hanging around after digestion, causing dangerous lows, and resulting in aggressive eating.
        I guess, if what the people using Afrezza are claiming is true, why are they having problems getting their insurance to cover. And why are some Endocrinologists against prescribing it.
        Many of these people are also using a Dexcom CGM, the data in these glucose meters can’t be altered or changed. Their caregivers must see this data when they download it at their appointments. If it’s as good as they claim, it would seem they would want all patients that can tolerate Inhaled Insulin to at least try it.
        I actually joined this group after a very frustrating appointment with my Father in Laws Endocrinologists. My Father in Law is basically flying blind !! His insurance has approved a CGM for him, but for some unknown reason, he doesn’t have it yet. If I was an Endocrinologists, I would want all my T1d patients to have a CGM. This would allow them to see the low coming before they are actually low, and take corrective action to avoid it. My Father in Law suffers from dangerous lows almost weekly, and he lives on the other side of the Country, so I can only do so much to help him.
        I just returned from Florida, I went there specifically to go with him to his appointment, and to ask his Endocrinologists why he doesn’t have a CGM yet, and why can’t he try a sample of this “life changing”
        Inhaled Insulin. I felt like I was talking to a rock !! and not a very smart one.
        Luckily, my Father in Law lives in Iowa in the summer, so I have scheduled another trip, so I can be with him at his appointment when he gets back from Florida.
        Again, my question is, if the new Inhaled Insulin, Afrezza, is really as good as many claim, why the resistance from Insurance Companies and Healthcare Providers ??
        Why not at least let the patients who want to, try a sample ??

        I appreciate any responses, obviously I was a little frustrated after my visit with the Florida Endocrinologists, my Father-in-law constantly suffers from Hypoglycemia, and his Dr doesn’t seem to care. I do care, and I will do whatever I need to do to ensure he gets better care.
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        All true what you state. Undortunatly then only advice here is; change the endo and go to someone who does prescribe it.

        Good luck
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    RE: The new Inhaled Mealtime Insulin Afrezza

    If you had any idea how many diabetes drugs have been recalled and never seen on shelves, again, in the last 30 years, you'd realize this very important rule of self-preservation...

    Prescription drugs are like new model cars. It's not such a good idea to be a "guinea pig".

    Here's the most recent, btw...
    “Flesh-eating Bacteria” -- of the Genitals and genital area in patients taking type 2 diabetes drugs known as SGLT2 inhibitors.

    (ya thin' this drug maker wishes they had a "do-over"?)
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        I saw that one !! the difference with this new drug, is that it is Human Insulin, the exact same Insulin that a healthy pancreas secretes, (for lack of a better word). So it would seem that side effects, such as the one in the link you provided, wouldn’t be a problem.
        If it is, we’re all in big trouble,
        Afrezza is Human Insulin delivered via Inhalation, which is one of the reasons it’s so quick to work.
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        Yes, this is a great video !!
        There are countless stories of People living with Diabetes that are creating these YouTube videos about Afrezza.
        Many are posting pictures of official A1c results that are in the high 5’s, and are claiming no Hypoglycemia.
        Reports of greatly improved health and quality of life also.
        All while my Father in Laws health declines because he has a poor Healthcare Provider.
        Very frustrating for me to watch, he wants to try Afrezza, but just isn’t the type to be aggressive about it.
        I would’ve gave his Endocrinologists his walking papers years ago.
        I appreciate any and all replies to this topic ! I want to be loaded with data, videos, and information when I see his Iowa Dr.
        Thanks all