• 8 months ago

    RE: i have low back pains so i have reduced my excerising i have noticed that i am really have circulations problems is there anything else i can do or take to help

    Based on what you've described, I believe diet is a root cause of every problem you're experiencing.

    The best way I can explain this to you?

    Watch the following videos on the Japanese diet...

    &, if you have access to a local Japanese grocery store, I urge you to walk in and "study" what's inside. The amount of fresh produce, meats, diary, seafood and teas/health food vs. processed foods?

    About 1 : 1

    In American grocery store?

    About 1 : 6

    The obesity rate in Japan? 3.5%
    The obesity rate in the US? 30%

    In Japan, it's national policy to eat fresh food and cook at home, everyday...

    In the US, nobody cooks, everyday, and when "cooking" at home, its often with a microwave.

    In summary, your body can heal, itself, if given the proper nourishment in fresh, real foods, ie. "perishables". On the flip side, a body fed with heavily processed, ie. foods containing preservatives designed to prevent spoilage, will weaken and eventually fall victim to multiple conditions. What does this all mean?

    Food can be poison or medicine. Food can be your ally or your worst enemy. What does the average American know about eating a healthy diet?

    It beats the hell out of me...