• 1 month ago

    RE: Foot Ulcer

    you asked for suggestions...

    Diabetes prevents wound healing, big time. It's the number one cause of limb loss in the US. Your doctor is doing what he can but it would be unprofessional for him to say, "Listen to me, Hillbillymom1! Do you know what "gangrene" is? Do you know what happens when a wound won't heal and a bacterial infection is allowed to spread? I'm telling you, it's a smell you'll never forget! You've must get your diabetes under control, immediately! Only then will your body have a chance of healing that wound. You've got to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, get plenty of rest, drink tons of water and stop any sugar from passing your lips until that ulcer is gone! It's now or never, HillBillyMom1! If you like that foot, if you like the way it looks on your leg, then, Please! Listen to me and do as I say!"

    You see, your doctor can't say this because he likes his practice and he doesn't want to lose it because of an ethics complaint to the state board...

    But, I aint your doctor.

    Get mad! Fight! There's nothing your doctor can do, now. He can't fight for you. Ride your bike, lose a few pounds, feel better, asap.
  • 28 days ago

    RE: Foot Ulcer

    Very careful, you are not controlling your Blood Sugar properly now it seems for a long time. Do maxim control, and this is life long strategy.