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    Here recently I've had an increase of urination...Especially at night. I seem to be thirsty more and have dry mouth especially at night and when I wake up. I'm tired more often even though I get 8 plus hours of sleep at night. Also, I'm hungry all the time and sometimes not long after I eat.


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    RE: Diabetes

    These are all classic symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes. So, what's your question?

    In any event, this is how diabetes is "diagnosed"...
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    RE: Diabetes

    My glucose level was 100.
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        Glucose levels are not definitive for diagnosing Diabetes. Family history, age, race, lifestyle, all, have to be investigated.

        You can be diagnosed with prediabetes or Type 2 Diabetes but not show abnormal blood sugar levels, did you know that? "Metabolic Syndrome" is a condition that you should come to understand. It is also known as "prediabetes". There are 5 factors to be considered: Obesity, High blood pressure, High blood sugar, High triglycerides & Low HDL Cholesterol. If you have ANY three of the 5 factors, you are considered "prediabetic". ANY 3 (it doesn't need to be high blood sugar!).

        This is why diabetes is so closely associated with advancing age. Its closely tied to natural changes in hormone levels associated with older people. But, you can mess with the natural aging process, ie., you can accelerate aging, when you stop performing healthy habits. Like eating real food. Or, exercising. Or, balancing work with family. Or, getting reasonable sleep, every night.

        The greatest health threat that doctors see in their patients, today? "Common sense". People think they can get away with any lifestyle, imaginable. And, the human body will eventually "tire" after years of reckless, thoughtless treatment.

        People think that Type 2 Diabetes causes poor health. Wrong. It's poor health that causes T2 diabetes. If you get serious about improving your health, sugar levels, blood pressure, triglycerides and belly fat will fall. That's the greatest misconception I see on this board.

        You don't "treat" lifestyle diseases, most especially, T2D...
        You "treat" your body and your body will go back to performing a proper job. If you're overweight, lose the weight!
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    RE: Diabetes

    This is a sign of Diabetics. I say 80% chance this is diabetics.