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    RE: read about the Keto Fast diet

    The best person for you to ask about this is your doctor. He/she knows you full medical history and can give you the best answer.
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    RE: read about the Keto Fast diet

    Fasting is a great way to learn how your body works and, particularly, how your body uses food for fuel. What the hell do you think gastric bypass surgery is? It's violent, forced, "smash-mouth" fasting. And, the only reason why 75% of these patients regain the weight (and, the Type 2 Diabetes and, the high blood pressure) is simply because they have zero interest in learning anything about how their body works.

    120 years ago, the Father of modern Diabetes Medicine, Dr. Elliott P. Joslin, first began to introduce landmark studies on the treatment of diabetes. Please read,

    Included in his research was his discoveries on glucose modulation with intermittent fasting (starvation, actually :) ). So, what these bozos of medicine, today, are trying to sell you is nothing new (accept for a few jazzy terms like "Keto", whoopty-doop!).

    Point is this, the human body has been "designed" to go without food for long periods of time. Believe it or not, there were no Walmarts or Trader Joes a half million years ago. So, humans won't die if they go without nourishment for a few days, weeks, even.

    Proselytizing, aside, one thing I want to convey about fasting. It's very important! Fasting can be safe. Fasting can be extremely beneficial. Hell, fasting can be gd revelation! But, only in the hands of the sensible, now, because of DRUGS.

    Most drugmakers (metformin, insulin) assume people are sheep who absolutely believe they must eat three squares a day or they will die so, if you STOP EATING FOOD, it can become very dangerous (for you)!

    So, unless you're one of the nuts that have been on "Judge Judy" or "The People's Court" to sue your own mother or father, please be sensible and let your doctor know what you are contemplating on doing. It's because you take drugs. And, because you take drugs, you better know what you're doing when you fast, otherwise,...

    Just consult your doctor, first, (not eggheads on social media) so you don't kill yourself.

    Note: I "reversed" my Type 2 Diabetes and lost 44 lbs with the help of eating "windows" and my 95 yo mother eats 1 & 1/2 meals a day and is on zero meds and, her reverse mortgage insurer is regretting the day they met her.