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    Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Urine

    If your body is able to eliminate excess ketones from its system by peeing them out, then how do people have such high ketone levels, such that would cause ketoacidosis. Additionally if one (a non- diabetic) were on a ketogenic diet, and took an excessive ammount of exogenous ketones, could they get DKA?

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    RE: Diabetic Ketoacidosis and Urine

    A body's ability to operate with "efficiency" depends on your state of health. For example, wound healing. A young person is infinity more capable of recovering from a serious car accident or illness than a 80 year old. And, a poorly controlled diabetic may be worst off than a healthy 80 year old.

    Hey, we can remove excess blood sugar via urine. So, if that's the case, why is anybody "diabetic"?

    It's because, diabetes severely compromises the efficient functioning of all physiological processes...especially, your kidney's ability to filter and remove potentially harmful, toxic compounds.

    How was I able to "reverse" my Type 2 Diabetes, 12 years ago? It was because I treated the "disease" by steadily improving my health. I lost 44 lbs. I eat a predominately green, whole food diet. I stopped eating at restaurants (other than an occasional In-N-Out Burger, I haven't been inside one in two years). I walk at least 6 miles, everyday. I'm 62 but I look 15 years younger. In other words, I turned back the "clock". When people ask me, "Hey dude, do you 'workout'...?", I say, "Yeah, dude...".

    Because, my body processes and metabolizes with improved efficiency, once more.

    Controlling blood sugar, imho, is a silly & fruitless objective. If you have T2D and you don't make common sense decisions about your health and lifestyle, you will end up taking more and more drugs to "control" your blood sugar.

    Bottom line, you have to "commit" to eating health-promoting foods.
    And, sadly, we have these boards because so many people don't know what that means.