• 22 days ago

    RE: Diabetes

    It varies from lab to lab. Two fasting tests of 126 or higher is considered full blown diabetes. Less than 100 is considered normal. So anything in between would probably be considered "pre" diabetic. But some people feel you either have a glucose metabolism problem or you don't. It's like being a little bit pregnant. If your sugars aren't normal, you need to start doing something about it right away.
  • 18 days ago

    RE: Diabetes

    Question to the questioner. When you look at pictures of a young man
    with a beautiful, full head of hair, then, look at this same man 25 years, later, and he's got a great big bald spot at the top of his head, then look at photo of the very same man, 25 years after that, and he's as bald as a hard boiled what point is he "bald"?
    Because, in truth, he was actually losing hair when he was a young man. But, he had so much of it, he didn't really notice any of it was missing. (btw, this very same analogy applies to strokes and heart attacks, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, alzheimer/dementia, hell...erectile dysfunction and "weak stream", for god's sakes!)

    What's my point? The only reason why there hasn't been a cure developed for Type 2 Diabetes after over 100 years of intense research?

    The established "borderline" for Type 2 Diabetes is way too high (for patients to begin treatment and "reverse" the disease).

    Last year, the US spent over a quarter Trillion dollars treating diabetes and other conditions commonly associated with "T2D". Diabetes is, without question, "The Goose that Lays the Golden Eggs" of medicine.

    imho, The "borderline" is ARBITRARY. The higher the number, the sicker the patient...and, the more money is spent 'treating" said patient. We are all being "played"...