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    RE: Diabetes;t=103s

    I reversed my Type 2 Diabetes in 2007 and have not failed an A1C, since.
    Type 2 Diabetes requires no drugs. It costs far less money to reverse Type 2 Diabetes than having to live with Type 2 Diabetes . I've seen no specialists to reverse my diabetes...and, I aint even that smart.

    Do you know what "poor" health looks like?
    Do you know if you're in poor health?
    Do you know how to improve your health?
    Are you aware that any decent doctor can practically "look" at a patient and tell if they have Type 2 Diabetes?
    Don't you ever wonder why professional athletes in soccer, basketball, football (and other high activity sports) don't hold press conferences to announce their retirement due to Type 2 diabetes (or obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease or cancer)?

    The point is this, Type 2 Diabetes is an "opportunistic" condition. &, people in poor health are big targets. People who are fit and in good health, generally, don't get T2D.

    So, to answer your question, the "possibilities" of T2D are high for people who don't think twice about their health. So, what do you think about soda? Do you think that's a healthy habit?
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    RE: Diabetes

    Family history is a top 3 question any diabetes physician would ask a patient while investigating Type 2 diabetes. But, life style can overcome all risk factors. Eat healthy, manage stress, watch your waistline, get plenty of rest and maintain a daily exercise routine are essential preventative measures anyone can take to stay safe and healthy.

    What do you think about drinking "a lot of soda"? I mean, who cares what I think...Do you think that's smart?
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    RE: Diabetes

    Type 1 can be genetic. Usually it will skip a generation unless a twin comes into the picture. My grandpa had T1. My Bother has Type 1, but so do I. I have it because I am a twin. T1 is an autoimmune disorder so I would recommend registering your kids at JD and have their blood tested and sent in to their database. JD is constantly testing new DNA methods and if your children ever have a match you will be notified