• I am worried I may have diabetes! Help?

    Hi, to begin with I am a male about 195 lbs and 6'2" so not really overweight (pretty fit in general), but I've noticed some tingling in my feet and calves, as well as a little in my hands and face. I do not know if the foot pain is because I walk about 2 miles a day during school, but it's possible.

    About six weeks ago I went and got bloodwork done and received the following results from a fasting bloodtest:

    Cholesterol: 144
    HDL (High density lipoprotein): 79
    Glucose: 103
    HA1C: 5.30

    I eat like ***, have high blood pressure (nearly hypertension) from anxiety, and I probably drink too much.

    With these symptoms in mind, should I be concerned about currently having diabetes?