• 8 months ago

    Feeling low levels but levels are fine

    Over the past year I have been feeling increasingly dizzy, lightheaded and having the most horrible headaches. For the past week or so I have decided to track my levels, although on a not consistent basis. And I test when I start feeling the symptoms but my levels are still in the 113 range. I am getting frustrated with feeling this way and having no answers. If anyone could give some insight it would be much appreciated.


  • 7 months ago

    RE: Feeling low levels but levels are fine

    You can't get answers until you learn to ask questions. Are we supposed to "fill in the blanks" of your question, for you? Are we supposed to assume you have diabetes? Are you medicated? Age? Comorbidities? Retired or working three jobs? When did you last eat when you take a blood measure?

    Based on your question, you wish to receive a "shot in the dark". In other words, any answer will do...You'd appreciate "that"?

    ...Dizzy, lightheaded, headaches: Malaria?