• 8 months ago

    Does anyone use Tradjenta? Does it spike sugar?

    I have type2 Diabetes. I had a bone marrow transplant for Leukemia 5 yrs ago. I got the diabetes and after anti rejection meds stopped for BMT it went away. I was on Tradjenta 5 mg. tablets and then stopped taking them. My sugar has spiked so I went back on pill each day. It seems as when I take them my sugar spikes. I am now up to 239 on the meter. If I stop the pill it goes down and then spikes back up again.
    Does anyone else have this problem?

    My internist gave me an additional pill called Glimepiride 1 mg. I went off the Tradjenta as it made my stomach upset. I had filled the other pill but didn't take it. One night by accident I took the Glimepiride by mistake, the next day I was making my bed and my sugar crashed and I ended up on the floor bruised from ankle to hip. I don't think I passed out but I know the drop in sugar caused the fall. With my sugar so high should I take this other pill? The Dr. said to take both of them. Should I stop the Tradjenta? I'm lost.....