• RE: Different blood sugar reading between left and right hands.

    Your sugar level will vary, minute to minute. Even if you tested other body parts at the same time, you’ll see different results.

    Yet, other reasons exist as well. For example, poor circulation can account for the differences you see.

    Yet, more often than not, the discrepancy is just a normal part of the meter accuracy.

    None of the home glucose monitors are 100% accurate.

    To be approved for sale to the general public, these devices can differ from your real sugar by up to 15- 20% of the value you see. Anything more than that means there’s an issue with the machine, strips, or the blood drop.

    Make sure you’ve calibrated your machine and are taking care of the strips as directed. In other words, keep them in a cool dry place etc. or this will effect their accuracy.

    Next time you’re sent to get blood tests by your doctor, bring your meter and test your sugar right after getting your blood drawn. This should show you how accurate the meter is compared to your blood levels.

    Hope this helps,

    Dr Bruni