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    Curing Type 1

    Besides Big Pharmagreed and the Diabetic Cash Cow, what significant reason exists that pancreatic stem cells cannot be viable solutions to repopulating pancreatic T cells? Ages ago researchers reported the capability to stop immune system destruction of T cells. Also reported was the ease of replicating T cells from the diabetics own stem cells (forget pluripotent amniotic stem cells). A vast amount of research papers suggest that the solution is tantalizingly close only to be followed by a wall of silence. This usually suggests that disparate teams are racing to be the first to claim the prize and the economic benefits, but that does not appear to be the case here. Is there an insurmountable obstruction, as a few have claimed, or is it Pharma pressures/resources that deter the front runners?


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    RE: Curing Type 1

    Haruko Obokata
    Feb 2014: Former stem-cell biologist was accused of falsifying data in her ground breaking report which claimed ordinary cells could be turned into stem cells using acid. Using a person's own cells to grow organs reduces risk of rejection. However, Obokata's employer says she used wrong images in report. She was accused of altering one image and making mistakes in her data. Despite denying any wrong doing, Obokata made a humiliating apology. She choked back tears and bowed her head in shame.

    Elizabeth Holmes Admits Theranos' "Technology" Is A Fraud (May 19, 2016) Forbes named Holmes as the youngest self-made female billionaire in the world due to a $9 billion valuation of Theranos. The next year, Forbes revised her net value "From $4.5 Billion to Nothing".

    A successful use of stem cell technology to restore normal pancreatic Islet cell function would be, essentially, the announcement of a cure for cancer...

    And, then, why have babies when we can make clones of ourselves?

    The point is, whoever makes such an announcement better be up for the greatest peer-review investigation in the history of mankind. In other words, it will be a witch hunt. There is no sense of humor when it comes to stem cells. There's too much at stake, both, lives and money and people who work in the medical research field tend to like the jobs and being able to support their families.
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    RE: Curing Type 1

    First of all, researchers didn't report that they could stop the immune attack. They were working on it and the clickbait headlines in newspapers said they could do it. They did make a bit of a start in slowing down the autoimmune attack, but with the sacrifice of all the damage of the immuno drugs. The kids were actually better off with just diabetes versus the drug side effects, which is why this line of research was shelved. The technology is simply not there yet to manipulate the immune system to the extent that you seem to believe (I'm a multi organ transplant patient and keep up to date on this stuff.

    And all the stuff you read about being "tantalizingly close", again these are either clickbait headlines, or the researchers help the media along with some cool headlines all in the hopes of getting more funding to see their research through. Those walls of silence? Not only did they probably not get the extra cash, they also didn't actually make any major breakthroughs that the headlines were trumpeting.

    T1 is a complex disease and they don't even really know yet exactly why it happens (just as they don't exactly know why some get complications and others do not with the same level of control). It's not battling pharma companies or sabotage. It's that we just don't know enough yet about how the human body works and how to fix everything. We can't grow back a fingertip, or an eyeball, and we can't get simply repair a partially damaged organ like a pancreas.