• 9 months ago
  • RE: Found out I have diabetes

    The glucose machine is helpful. This way you can check your levels at different times of the day to see if you need to make changes in your lifestyle. My doctor has told me to check twice a day. Some insurance will cover the cost of both the machine and strips. The machine is not expensive but the strips usually are. Your doctor should be checking your A1C which will give them your 3 month average of your glucose readings.
  • 8 months ago

    RE: Found out I have diabetes

    Yes the Metformin 500 is also my medication three times a day and yes check the blood sugar everyday morning before eating.
    Forget sugar and use Stevia cristals, ut's fine .
    I make by myself whole grain brad and bisquits and mostly walk 1/2 hour a day in medium velocity.
    My sugar blood is now stable at a border limit to diabet situation.
    To eat a controlled diet I use an App very useful and free MyFitnessPal on my PC and Phone, controlling diet in two years I lost 15 Kg and now is stabe to 57 Kg with a body mass of 19%.
  • 8 months ago

    RE: Found out I have diabetes

    I say yes, you need a blood glucose monitor. If your doctor did not prescribe one ask him/her. As was said before the monitor is inexpensive but the strips can be costly. There are many types of monitors out there so do your research to see what is best for you. I use the One Touch Ultra2 with the Delica lancets (smallest gauge available). My co-workers all know I have diabetes and I keep the monitor sitting on my desk in plain site just in case.

    I too take Metformin but I also just started Januvia. Today was my first dose so we'll see how that goes.