• 9 months ago

    Effects of hyperglycemia/uncontrolled diabetes on breastmilk.

    I've been trying to research exactly how hyperglycemia (increased blood sugar) affects the nutritional content of breastmilk and haven't found any evidence-based research on how extreme levels of blood glucose alter the calories/sugar content of breastmilk.

    How elevated would the maternal blood sugar need to be to alter the nutritional content of the breastmilk? Does mildly elevated blood sugar affect the breastmilk, or is it only changed due to extreme hyperglycemia? I've read numerous articles that state the milk would be sweeter, and could possibly lead to the infant gaining weight at a faster pace than normal, but at what level of blood sugar, if any, should the mother be concerned with? (This is not about the mom during the pregnancy or even about the homeostatic mechanisms related to her ability to produce the milk, there are a number of reasons why it's bad for the mom, but this is strictly for the breastmilk) Thank you so much for your help!