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    RE: What are the Normal readings

    A1c is 3-month average sugar reading & it is normal to have 5.6% or below. 5.7 to 6.4% is pre-diabetic & above it is diabetic.

    What your touch meter is measuring is Blood Sugar level at an instant (& I'd assume that it is RBS - Random blood sugar).

    I suggest you to measure the sugar reading in the morning after at least 9-10 hours of fasting to get most from the measurement of sugar value. Refer to below table:-

    Normal Range -> 60 - 100 FBS
    Pre-Diabetic -> 100 - 120 FBS
    Diabetic Range -> 120+

    If the sugar levels are higher than 200, please consult a physician - immediately and don't delay your treatment.

    Similarly, you must measure PPBS - after either 1.5 hours or 2 hours of eating breakfast. No matter what you choose, please be consistent in your readings every day. The difference is because if you are eating high glycemic index food, the sugar levels might peak early than low glycemic index food.

    Make sure you are using one of the latest glucometer because older models were not very accurate.
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    RE: What are the Normal readings

    I think you are using a glucometer and measuring fasting blood sugar or random blood sugar. This is completely different than hbA1c test. So you should relax.