• 10 months ago

    Type 2 Diabetic Long term / recent diagnosis

    Friend diagnosed 1 1/2 yrs ago with type 1 diabetes. Informed by doc his symptoms prove diabetes rampant due to yrs untreated. He has been diligent and consistent in all aspect's of diabetic treatment plan. Total life change. All to accommodate his diabetes. He has been declining since discovery. Now type 2 with no progress. He is 48, Hispanic, round 5'7, thin / now thinner. Work's labor. On feet all day. Say'sSay' S can barely get through day due to right leg and feet. Pain in various areas. Any idea what is happening here ? I am trying to help in any way I can. Explain through translation all medical info I find based on health issue's he Shore's. ANY feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank's much.


  • 9 months ago

    RE: Type 2 Diabetic Long term / recent diagnosis

    Firstly a type 2 can become a type 1 but never the opposite. Which type he is, is critical in his management. Did the doctor put him on insulin or pills? If it was the same doctor with both diagnoses he needs a new doctor. Someone that had either, that had learned to manage well, can use a MD successfully; however, a new patient that required a lot of help & details absolutely should have an Endocrinologist (specialized in diabetes) to get him under control & teach him proper management. The pain in his foot & legs related to blood circulation & neuropathy which will only get worse so if he wants to continue working he needs to see somebody yesterday. I'm a prime example, had no clue, was drinking a lot of water but I always ESS a big water drinker. Found out when I passed out & awoke in my own vomit - was hospitalized & discharged with no toes on one foot, still ended up a BKA (below knee amputation) even after I became educated & managed my glucose. I'm tough as a "brittle diabetic" go sky high then crash with the slightest routine change. Try to get him to a clinic, sounds like he may be a day laborer. If that's the case on a day he doesn't get picked would be an ideal time. Some clinics are open at least 1 night per week or Saturdays if not both. He most likely won't get an Endo there but he will get help & guidance to start him off. Good luck & it's nice of you to help him.