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    juvenile diabetes

    a little girl we keep on week ends age 4 .. may have diabetes last doctor visit her doctor said her blood work looked funky. next visit will recheck.. i am a diabetic type 2 . but i know very little about Children .can you clue me in .i hope and i pray that it show negative . any info will be appreciated


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    RE: juvenile diabetes

    WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THIS BOARD ? it use to be hoping with info and answers
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    RE: juvenile diabetes

    Sorry, but there's nothing for me to say as I have no clue what 'funky' blood work looks like. As there is no treatment for T1 in people of any age, it really is a wait and see sort of thing.

    As far as T1 in kids? Control can be a little bit more difficult, but there is no reason at all the child can't lead a perfectly normal life. So no matter what happens, she can keep on being the same 4 year old until she turns 5. And then it's 'big girl' 5-year-old stuff.

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    RE: juvenile diabetes

    If I was in your shoes, I must profess, I'd feel scared and helpless, too.

    But, after a while, I'd start to problem solve. That's how I think. When I have a problem, I start a process that, hopefully, leads me to discovery. And, the more & more I discover, the more I want to travel further down the "rabbit hole"...

    And, the one tool, that I know, from my 61 years of experience, is the importance of consistency and repetition. In order to solve problems, you must hold everything, essentially, the same and make changes to only one variable at a time. Only, then, can you make valid, reasonable observations. You see, the only way to solve a problem is to to sneak up on the eventual solution. In this case, Type 1 Diabetes in a 4yo child. What Cora (and others) will tell you is, the answer to your question will be through your personal exploration and a 10,000 tiny discoveries...

    "...WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THIS BOARD ?..." Nothing has happened to this board. The problem is you want to know how a "watch" works, but we can only tell you the time.

    But, even if you got a response from the most renowned and brilliant expert in the field of Type 1 Diabetes, "lifestyle" matters! Doctors & medicine can easily be trumped by destructive diets and unhealthful tendencies. At the end of the day, the people that ultimately find solutions to their problems, dig it out of the dirt, themselves...slowly, patiently, methodically, until the good days outnumber the bad.

    I do not wish your problem on anyone, especially myself. But, if it was me in those proverbial shoes, I'd remind myself of my tools and secrets to problem solving.

    1. Can I apply CONSISTENCY!!!!!!! to a 4 yo's life? Absolutely; in fact, far greater control than big, a33ed kids who think they know everything (and complain how "hateful" I am!),
    2. Can I learn as much as I can on present day treatment of Type 1 Diabetes?
    Of course! Everything that expert I spoke of, earlier, knows on Type 1 Diabetes is on the internet, somewhere.
    3. Can I obtain expert advice by consulting with excellent physicians so I can establish a decent starting point on which to improve on? Uhhhh, let me think about that?...Hell, yeah!
    4. Can I conduct "experiments" where I make small, little changes in her daily routine, then, make observations from her reactions to that variable?
    "Today, I fed her cauliflower by mashing it and putting it into her morning oatmeal and then I got the following bs reading, 2 hrs , later..."

    Dunno bout you but, sure, I CAN...Been doing it my whole life, actually...

    Ezra, everything (good) starts with a "question". You got a crappy answer (mine). One down, 9,999 more to go. Why?

    Because, you can't imagine life without her. That's why...
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        actually i really know very little about T1 . yes even though she is not ours but we have watched her grow for at least the past 2 years . so i was just looking for info .. all we know is the doctor wants to check her blood work again next visit . i like to read first hand information.