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    Blood sugar levels

    I have had type II diabetes for over 10yrs. I take 1000mg of Metformin with breakfast and 1000 mg with dinner. After I had a 9.4A1C read I got back in gear with my diet and exercise. It took longer to get by bs levels back down but they did come down after about a week. Im keeping track of what I eat and record my bs three times a day. I saw my nutritionist a couple weeks ago and she liked what she saw as far as what I was eating. I've added riding my exercise bike 30-35 minutes at night after 8:00pm. My endocrinologist suggest I try Trulicity, but after researching, the side effects were so negative I didn't start it. There were some people who didn't have side effects but the vast majority were vomiting and experiencing diarrhea, and it seemed really random when that would occur. So my doctor suggested trying taking one metformin in the morning and three at dinner. I didn't have any side effects but it didn't help my morning bs number and my day numbers were higher. So, I've gone back to 2 and 2. My morning bs is usually around 170-175. Should I try taking the 2 metformin at bedtime instead of dinner time? The exercising at night hasn't seemed to change anything either, but maybe I haven't given it enough time. Any suggestions?


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    RE: Blood sugar levels

    You don't supply sufficient information to reach any meaningful conclusion.
    The reason why the most "reasonable" suggestion given on this board (Please, consult your physician...") is because they have "it" and, because you aren't aware of the 1000 plus things that can affect blood sugar levels in the human body, well...we "don't" (have it).

    You may have sleep apnea...
    You may have a family history (genetic component)...
    You may have started a new course of prescription or over the counter drug...
    You may be experiencing hot flashes...
    You may have food allergies...
    You may have ibs or gout...
    You may be suffering severe emotional trauma or physical distress (moving to a new city)...

    All of these things could have a big impact on your present state...

    But, more than likely, one thing can "possibly" be surmised from the meager scraps you reveal about yourself. It seems your diabetes is "progressing"...ie. It's getting worse.

    How do I know this?
    Because, your doctor was "pleased" when you changed your diet and exercise and your numbers went down! In essence, you heeded your doctor's advice 10 years ago, and started to take care of your "body"...

    ...and, lo and behold, your body responded.

    My suggestion?

    Why not listen to what "your" body just told you...It ain't got nothin' to do with "drugs".
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        Wow, I didn't realize this board was so hateful, I'm sorry that I asked a question. I did send a second part to my original question stating that I didn't have any other symptoms and that my blood pressure and cholestoral were excellent. Nothing else was different or I would have mentioned it.
        Don't bother responding.
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    RE: Blood sugar levels


    Those who treat "blood sugar", treat a symptom.

    &, those who treat "insulin", treat the "root cause" (of T2D).

    Don't take my word, for it. I'm not a "doctor"...I reversed my T2D, 10 years ago and haven't failed an A1C, since. Sorry for the trouble.