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    RE: Can Apple Cider Vinegar Lower Blood Sugar?

    I've been drinking apple cider vinegar for many, many years...Since your body's immune system is headquartered in the G.I. tract, it's important to maintain good digestion, daily. People with digestive issues (ibs, gastric reflux, colitis, celiacs and chrohn's, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis) tend to have diabetes, eventually. As you improve your digestion (drink more water, exercise, fruits/veggies, fermented foods, more sleep, apple cider vinegar), you will reduce inflammation in the gut and, in turn, use L E S S insulin. The less insulin your body requires, the greater your body's "sensitivity" to insulin. Stool quality and frequency is a wonderful "indicator" of good digestion and, therefore, better health.

    Again, fixating on "blood sugar" control does nothing for Type 2 because high blood sugar is just a reaction (aka "symptom") to problem(s), elsewhere.

    Conversely, people who address/correct "root cause(s)" of high blood sugar are the ones who eventually reverse Type 2 Diabetes.
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        How much apple cider vinegar is a healthy dose and how do you consume it?
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        2 to 3 tblsps a.c.v. diluted 4:1? I've never measured. If you drink it everyday, you can approximate the dilution simple by looking at the "color" of the mix since A.C.V. is a beautiful amber, normally.

        What I find far more important than apple cider vinegar for good health?

        Most doctors recommend consuming at least "half your body weight" in water, everyday.

        I've observed a lot of young people practice this habit. It's common to see water bottles on top of office desks at work, these days. But, the ones that often need to drink water the most, don't drink nearly enough. I weigh about 170 lbs so I need to drink, at least, 85 ozs (2/3 of a gallon) of water, a day. I drink, on average, 100 ozs, everyday, & I do the vast majority of water drinking before 8am.

        My daughter use to suffer severe, debilitating menstrual cramps throughout high school and college. Once she started drinking half her body weight in water, the cramps subsided and her overall health noticeably improved, too.

        People over the age 50 are the absolute worst at this, especially, women! Weight issues, digestive issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol are all affected by hydration levels. It such a simple fix and, yet, they don't listen to their doctor.

        Experiment with water levels. Take selfies in the bathroom mirror and try a 30 day trial, one half your body weight in water. Alcohol, coffee, soda & juice don't count! Water, only. See what your blood glucose...and, the mirror, too.