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    My BSL level goes upto 250 after dinner in the night( PP) This was detected when CGM machine showed higher sugar in the night but in the morning it showed within the range of 100 to 110. I have been following strict diet , particularly in the night. My PP level in the afternoon are around 150.
    I take glycomet GP 0.5 ( mor/eve ) & aurvedic medicine in the afternoon & evening. My recent HB A 1 C is 7 I am diabetic type 2 for the last 15 years
    kindly advise me


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    RE: Hyperglycemia

    The best and only advice we can give you here is that you need to discuss this with your doctor. Your diabetes is not in control and you need to work with your doctor and make lifestyle changes to get it there.
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        Thanks for your advice. How good is HB A1C as an indicator of diabetes ? Since it gives average BSL for the last 3 moths , we don't get to know the fluctuation during that period. A patient having HB A1C level of 7 may be under false impression that his diabetes is under control but during that period his BSL may fluctuate too much.
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        An HBA1C of 7.0% is barely in control. The goal is officially 6.5% or less, and the lower the better. It is possible to maintain an HBA1C of around 6.0% if you consistently live a healthy lifestyle - low carb diet and as much activity as possible.

        You are right. You can not rely on just the HBA1C results or fasting or postprandial glucose monitor readings. Both should be within guidelines to ensure your diabetes is in full control, even reversed.
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        Thanks for the advice. Target 6 % HBA1C, with fasting & PP BSL under control should be the aim.
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        Blood sugar levels is not the only good barometer of diabetes "control"...

        Blood sugar levels is symptomatic of chronic inflammation. But, so is obesity. So is high triglycerides and low HDL. And, high blood pressure is indicative of ongoing inflammation, too. Type 2 Diabetes is considered auto-immune. Do you know what that means? It means the body is mistakenly launching attack on healthy tissues.

        So, what's the solution for T2 Diabetes?

        Reduce inflammation:
        Manage/control stress.
        Move your body.
        Improve sleep quality (cpap)
        Cut out sugar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Avoid preservatives, artificial sweeteners, food dyes (processed foods)
        Many medications cause inflammation (pain relief, steroids)
        Address all allergens
        Water throughout the day
        Avoid alcohol, second hand smoke, aerosols

        Diabetes does not kill. It's the complications of diabetes that does that, instead. Don't you ever wonder why seniors have a multitude of conditions going on, all at once?...skin cancer, gingivitis, hormonal imbalances, acid reflux, dry eye, slow wound healing, heart and cardiovascular disease, arthritis
        urinary tract infections, incontinence, etc, etc, etc. What? You think it's "bad" luck? These conditions are the result of an "overtaxed" immune system. It's the result of chronic inflammation.

        Hey, does anyone, here, actually believe they can dose a couple hundred units of insulin, daily, while dining at Olive Garden and Dunkin Donuts...and, get away with it? Aren't they "controlling" their blood sugar? How long do you think that party will last?

        I don't need to check my blood sugar, anymore, because I know it is impossible to run high blood sugar without my body exhibiting other inflammatory "signals", concurrently. Dandruff is a classic inflammatory marker for me. Today, I can wear a black shirt, morning, noon and night. Before I reversed my T2D, I had to avoid all dark clothing.

        Premature wrinkles, hair loss, turkey neck are good examples, too. The eyes are fantastic "windows" of internal inflammation. Tooth decay, ditto. Since I reversed my T2 D, I have not lost a single tooth. For me, digestive issues and poor bowel movements are just as indicative of high blood sugar as a glucometer.

        If you address chronic inflammation, you will find the "control" you seek, sanjeev. It will be reflective in your blood sugar reading...and, your mirror, too. Just acknowledge that you can "manipulate" your blood sugar readings with diabetes drugs and reducing carbs while still be sinking deeper and deeper towards severe diabetes complications at the same time. Food is not the only factor that can aggravate or exacerbate Type 2 Diabetes!!!!!

        Read the posts! If lowering A1C was the "be all", end all, ie., the "holy grail", why is it your drug dosing continues to escalate? Doesn't that tell you, anything? That something else is going on?

        There are people reversing their T2 D, everyday, without drugs! What? You think these dudes are just "lucky"?
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    RE: Hyperglycemia

    Look, sanjeev...Don't take my word for it. This is on the WEBMD website:


    "...In one study, people with type 2 diabetes exercised for 175 minutes a week, limited their calories to 1,200 to 1,800 per day, and got weekly counseling and education on these lifestyle changes...Within a year, about 10% got off their diabetes medications or improved to the point where their blood sugar level was no longer in the diabetes range, and was instead classified as prediabetes.
    ...Results were best for those who lost the most weight or who started the program with less severe or newly diagnosed diabetes. Fifteen percent to 20% of these people were able to stop taking their diabetes medications."

    Why does Type 2 diabetes reversal work for some and not others?

    The answer is simple: Type 2 Diabetes is not caused by too much blood sugar.
    It is caused by too much insulin. Have you not heard the phrase, "Insulin Resistance" instead of diabetes?

    What happens when a heroin addict uses too much heroin? He builds a "heroin resistance".
    What happens when an alcoholic drinks too much? He builds a "alcohol resistance".
    In other words, by using too much of any drug over prolonged periods of time, your body becomes less and less sensitive to its affects, thereby, requiring increasing amounts to accomplish the desired affect...to get high, to get loaded...or, to clear your blood stream of too much glucose.

    So, tell me. Why is it, all Type 2 Diabetics try to reduce Blood Sugar when the problem with their body is, they've built a "resistance (or insensitivity) to insulin" ?

    The argument, of course, is: Well, what's the big deal? What's the difference between high blood sugar and high insulin?

    A huge difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If too much insulin is the true root cause of T2 D, then why in the world is everybody taking drugs that RAISE insulin levels (to treat this disease).

    After reading this, you probably are not convinced. You will go on taking meds and trying to reduce blood sugar just like everybody with diabetes.

    Just answer me this, then? Why is it, all the diabetes drug takers keep having to dose more drugs, yet, their diabetes continues to "progress" over time? How come it never gets better, only, worse?

    Answer: Because they never ask their doctor the following question: "If my problem is "insulin resistance", shouldn't I be trying to use less insulin, not more?...Can you explain it to me like I'm a five year old, please?"

    After 10 years participation on this board, not one person has ever come forward and explained how lowering blood sugar reduces insulin resistance.
    ZERO. Not even a physician!

    People are reversing Type 2 Diabetes, all the time, through proper diet, exercise and proper weight loss (low carb, high fat, intermittent fasting). It is impossible to reverse this disease by increasing insulin use/production. You can throw all the drugs you want at T2D; it will fail, regardless. At the end of the day, nobody can eat processed foods, long term, and get away with it. Nobody!