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    I have been diagnosed with both Type 2 Diabetes & Gout just 18 months ago. I am not on Insulin, diet and exercise are my treatment; lost a few pounds and my A1c has been in the normal range. I do need some guidance on exercise as when I return from walking/shopping I am exhausted and my feet burns especially in the thigh area.
    Are there no approved medication to reverse Diabetes? I receive so many emails on Reversing Diabetes and am a bit cautious to try any especially as the cost is exorbitant. At age 70 yrs old and I am really in need of guidance.


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    RE: Diabetes


    There are plenty of medications your doctor can prescribe to help you keep your blood glucose levels down, but diet and exercise are still needed and seem to be working for you. There are medications that can help with the burning pain, aka diabetic neuropathy. Many people who keep their glucose levels in the normal range consistently do have a reduction of those symptoms.

    What exactly are you thinking is the "normal" range? An HBA1C result of less than 6.0% would be normal. Between 6.0 and 7.0 are considered "controlled" but still may cause complications like neuropathy. Fasting Blood Glucose levels of 70-100 are normal. 101-125 are pre-diabetic. 126+ is full diabetes.

    If your results are within the range I posted and have been for a while, then your neuropathy may be caused by a different condition. A neurologist could find the cause of the burning. When not caused by high glucose readings then the correct term is "peripheral neuropathy" and could be caused by spinal problems or circulatory issues.

    True reversal of diabetes takes a consistent lifestyle change with a proper diet and regular activity. Any of those advertised pills, supplements or programs are most likely scams. It sounds to me like you need to discuss all this in detail with your doctor.

    I pray you find answers and relief soon.

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        Thank you Dave,
        I have been in the range and below that you mention and have had an MRI and Scan of my hips which shows Arthritis. My MD suggest continue using the topical gel for the pain but wishes to watch the neuropathy some more as I hate taking pills.
        God Bless
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    RE: Diabetes

    try reading the obesity code. opened up my eyes to what the body can really do.
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        What obesity code? I am not obese; having 10-15 lbs above what my MD feels should be my normal weight. My exercise is on track but I have reduced the daily time walking due to the arthritis. So far my diet s within what he expects as I became a Vegan 25 years ago and do not snack; my biggest problem was & is bread which I switched to dark rye and Ancient grains. I was reaching out to see if there is a method to reversing my diabetes. Received many emails and they offer supplements which are not cleared by the FDA. Would kindly suggest where the OBESITY CODE can be found? willing to read. Thanks
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    RE: Diabetes

    Let me ask you, if "YOU" developed an "approved" medication that "reversed" diabetes, how much would you charge for a bottle? $100...$1000...$100,000? A $1 million dollars?

    If "YOU" developed such a drug, why would you be sending emails to complete strangers to "pitch" it? If such a drug existed, do you think there'd be any need for advertisement?

    If you can come up with a "rational" answer to any one of my questions, than, I say, go try one of your "emails"...

    I reversed my Type 2 Diabetes nearly a decade ago. I'm 61. I walk, everyday. I've looked forward to each of daily walks for years. I never miss.
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        As to the amount each pill (bottle) would be charged I haven't a clue; one of the email is a diet book. I already own such a book and trying some of the diet offered.
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        I want to lengthen my life from the rigidness, too. Who doesn't?

        But, there are rules ...to protect the innocent and unsuspecting & the general public, at large. And, "wiltippin" just violated those rules...and, you just "blessed" him.

        You asked for a drug that doesn't exist and, a "Dr. Ola" appears. And, since he's an "herbal" specialist (and not a MD), well, guess what? Read:

        (Legal and Regulatory FAQs/American Herbalists Guild)

        "..There is currently no licensing or certification for herbalists in any state that precludes the rights of anyone to use, dispense, or recommend herbs...There is currently no state-level licensing for herbalists other than those linked to an acupuncture license (LAc)..."

        I'm glad, xyamaca, you intend to investigate the legitimacy of Dr. Ola's practice and, as I said, above, he may prove to be a reputable practitioner of herbal medicine with excellent credentials and highly recommended by all his "patients". But, what if, he's a scammer? And, what if, others reading this thread, don't perform any due diligence, whatsoever, get ripped off and have their identity stolen, as well? Desperate people make errors in judgment they don't normally make because they want relief..."from the rigidness".

        Of course, that wasn't your intention; I believe you're not a "scammer". But, everyone, now, has been exposed to "potential" harm because rules weren't followed.

        We shouldn't have to decide who to "trust", here. That's my point and you don't get it!