• over 2 years ago

    trying to make the best of dealing with neuropathy

    I have a friend who has type 2 diabetes.....he also suffers from neuropathy, and has difficulty walking without a cane... if one is strict about eating healthily, is it possible to stop the negative consequences of neuropathy....knowing that one cannot cure it....thanks, ted


  • over 2 years ago

    RE: trying to make the best of dealing with neuropathy

    His specialty is "reversing" peripheral neuropathy and has whole series on the subject.

    btw, as a general rule, people don't conquer addictions and, in order to defeat Type 2 Diabetes, that's precisely what's required. How many people have you known that have loss over 40, 50 (or more) lbs and kept it off for at least 5 years? If you know any, just one, even, why not ask them what their interpretation of a "strict" diet is. It's no big secret. They're pretty simple and straight forward. That's not the issue...

    People aren't willing to stick to "strict" diets (to achieve their goals). That's been the issue since the beginning of time, has it not?