• 29 days ago

    Atkins Net Carbs: True or False

    My husband is diabetic. His endocrinologist calks him a Type 1.5 because his Father and Grandfather were diabetic, so, while onset wasn't until he was an adult (Type 2), his diabetes is due to a bad gene (Type 1).
    I have researched Sugar Alcohols, which seem better than sugar substitutes; however, foods containing sugar alcohols always have high carbs. Atkins diet says net carbs formula of total carbs - fiber - sugar alcohols = net carbs should be used instead of total carbs. Is this true or false?


  • 29 days ago

    RE: Atkins Net Carbs: True or False

    There is no set answer to this. Some people on insulin (T1, T1.5, or T2) use total carbs to calculate their insulin dosage. Some use net carbs (as you described above). And some will split the difference and use an amount half way between the two to calculate their insulin. Do what works for you. None of us are actually as good at carb counting as we think we are. Basically, as long as he can keep his numbers in range, use that method.