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    Am I at risk of getting diabetes?

    I'm a 21 year old guy and weigh about 350 pounds, so a little overweight. I don't exercise much at all really. My blood pressure is a little high. But overall I feel comfortable and don't plan on losing weight. But am I at risk of developing diabetes soon? None of my family have had it so I assume I am fine.


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    RE: Am I at risk of getting diabetes?

    People don't understand what Type 2 Diabetes is. Ditto, for Autism.

    They are "spectrum" conditions. In other words, everybody walks the diabetes "highway", only, people are at different points on the diabetes road.

    You think, "I don't have 'it'..."

    Trust me. You have "it"!

    Someday, people will adopt my way of thinking and parents will take their kids to the doctor's office to get a complete physical, every year. And, then, some really smart parent will come, along, & come up with the brilliant idea of developing an "app" that will graphically track key vitals (blood pressure, weight, triglycerides, HDL & fasting blood glucose)***, year to year, so they can visually track what's happening to their "babies" from a health standpoint.

    Then, parents will soon realize, "Wholly s___t! My kid is slowly, methodically headed up s___t creek without a paddle!!!"

    Do you know what "Metabolic Syndrome" is? Google it.
    Did you know you can be diagnosed with diabetes yet still show relatively "normal" fasting blood glucose results?

    No, I didn't think so. Cuz if you did you wouldn't be, here.

    But, let's not dwell on all the doom and gloom. The important thing is, the diabetes "spectrum" is not a one way street to hell. It goes forwards and backwards. I "reversed" my Type 2 Diabetes over 12 years, ago. I stopped testing, myself, years ago. No need. I understand what I have to do to keep myself, worry free. I know how to shift my car in reverse!

    I'm glad you came to this board to pose your question. You're concerned. That's the all-important, first step towards salvation.

    Just realize, you CAN go both ways and there are ton of people, out there, that are completely clueless and headed straight to hell and a handbasket. No chance to avoid a future of pain, sorrow and enormous time, effort and unnecessary expense dealing with a disease that was entirely avoidable.

    Hopefully, you'll take my advice and change your perspective on what you're dealing with...and, do something about it. Good luck.

    PS: Food for thought. Think of your liver as your body's "maid service". It cleans up the crap that builds up in your body, 24/7. Do you think your "maid" is doing the same amount of work when you were 100 lbs compared to, today? What do you think happens to your "maid" when you drink alcohol or down a bunch of prescription (and non-prescription) pill "cocktails" of chemicals your body was never meant to be exposed to?

    That "maid" is keeping you alive, my friend. And, if that maid ever collapses from overwork, well, nothing good will come of it. This very train wreck is happening, every second, all over the world. Maids getting tired and collapsing from exhaustion...
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    RE: Am I at risk of getting diabetes?

    Brunosbud has given you some good points. While technically, your blood glucose checks may currently be within the normal range, many organ systems in your body are working on overdrive.

    Your liver is working over time to clear out waste and most likely struggles with glucose balances. Your pancreas is probably over producing insulin because of insulin resistance caused by the extra weight.

    Your body will not be able to continue to carry this extra work load indefinitely and sooner or later something is going to give. By watching and cutting back on your carbohydrate intake know, you will take off a lot of the pressure you are currently putting on your systems. It really is a matter of "when" and not "if".
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    RE: Am I at risk of getting diabetes?

    Yes, you are at risk. I had NO history of diabetes in my family, but was diagnosed at age 32. You are a very young man, and have plenty of time to stave off this difficult disease - so start now! You do not have to "plan" to lose weight. Just start with some activity, and try adding some healthy foods to your diet, if you don't eat well. You don't have to make huge changes. Start small, and you will be able to live a healthier life and not have to go on forums asking if you are at risk...=)