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  • 2 days ago

    High sugar, low cholesterol?

    Just got back lab results and my Hemoglobin A1c is at 6%, which is pre-diabetic. I do not have a family history of diabetes and my lab results have always been normal until now. However all my other results are still normal: BP: 122/76, Total cholesterol: 191, HDL: 47, Ratio: 4.06. I have a follow up later with my doctor but how can I be pre-diabetic with normal numbers everywhere else? Other stats: African-American Male, 32 years old, 5'-11", 182 lbs.

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  • 2 days ago

    News Flash: Inflammation, Gut Bacteria Tied to Type 1 Diabetes

    "People with type 1 diabetes show changes in their digestive system that aren't seen in people who don't have the autoimmune disease, a new Italian study finds." Find out how researchers think different gut bacteria and inflammation in the small intestine may play a role in the development of type 1 diabetes: What are your thoughts?
  • 1 month ago

    What Do You Do To "Fight" Diabetes?

    In order to beat Type 2 Diabetes, you have to "fight" to improve your health. What stands in the way of most people, newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, is themselves. They refuse to look for simple ways to make improvements in their health. They think, "I'll just let my doctor tell me what to do." There's two problems with this line of thinking: 1. They don't follow anyone's advice, let alone, their doctor's, and 2. Their doctor only see's them for 15....
  • 6 days ago

    Ten year old health changes. Diabetes/inner ear/ what's going on??

    My ten year old son has been experiencing dizzy spells when he would move his head quick,turnover in bed, look down ect. I took him to his peds Dr and was told he was probably having a growth spurt and his cardiovascular system needed time to catch up. :/ They didn't look in his ears, nose nothing but said those words checked his BP and sent us on our way. I called his ENT Dr and have an appointment. I have taken him to have his vision checked. Visit was great with 20/25 and 20/30. Nothing which....
  • 12 days ago

    Early morning BG reading

    I have occassionally monitored my BG at home. I noticed when my RA doc does the test she does, I noticed that the glucose reading is around 125-130. I usually have this test done early morning. I have noticed that since I started methrotrexate, the reading have been around 125-130. I have never had a problem with my blood sugar before. My RA doc says it is not the methrotrexate. I have also noticed that its high when I get out of bed, (first thing), but after I eat then it goes down. It was 131 and....
  • 12 days ago

    What You Should Know About Glycemic Index Diets

    Each day in January we are breaking down a different diet over on our Weight Loss board. Up today, Glycemic Index Diets. This diet plan was designed to help people with diabetes control their blood sugar levels. Join the conversation here:
  • 15 days ago

    Could I have low blood sugar?

    Hi, I am concerned about having low-blood sugar as I am experiencing some symptoms which fit in with this illness. I haven't sought professional help yet, as I not sure whether to or not. So, I thought I would post this to the message boards. I am experiencing these symptoms: - Shaking and cold chills - Relentless headache (worse when I cough or bend) - Moody and irritable - No appetite - Nausea - Tiredness and weakness - Dizziness - Trouble sleeping (waking early around 3 am) - Sweating profusely....
  • 17 days ago

    Keep or Repeal Obamacare? Share Your Thoughts

    "Currently about 20 million people get insurance through Obamacare, which guarantees coverage for services like preventive care but has been plagued with increases in premium costs. A recent WebMD survey found that most consumers wanted the law or parts of the law to remain, although not without changes." We asked some people to share their views of the law and how any changes will affect them. Here's what they said: What are your thoughts?
  • 18 days ago

    "Genetics" and Type 2 Diabetes

    In the closing scene of the best picture sleeper of 2016, "Hell or High Water", the bank robber explains to the old, retired law man why he did it, "...I've been poor my whole life... ...My parents...Their parents before them... It's (being poor) like a disease. Passing from generation to generation. Becomes a sickness; That's what it is. Affects every person you know... ...But, not my boys!" Everybody, here, talks of how Type 2 Diabetes has a "genetic" component....