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  • 1 day ago

    Anti-Hypogenic Therapies

    Beside of achieving the normal bodyweight for necessary preconditions, that’s the smart way of therapies, but it means just a handful of older medications can be used with some supplements. I’m prefer older medications where the long-term side effects known. Anti-Hypogenic Medications: 1. The old Metformin by possible max. dose of daily up-to 2500mg. 2. 24 hours Basal-Insulin as Toujeo or Tresiba. Here the Insulin which generally is Hypogenic as Anti-Hypogenic declared, because it can been fine adjusted....
  • 1 day ago

    Help with diagnosis ideas

    So I just got home from work and received lab tests back because I felt that I had developed diabetes. I had many of the usual symptoms such as extreme thirst, thrush forming, sensitivity to eating sugar, etc. I was surprised to find out that my A1C was below the normal threshold of 5.7% and my eAG was 111 mg/dL. Is it possible that this test was off or could there be another disease with the same symptoms that wouldn't throw red flags regarding to blood glucose?
  • 2 days ago

    Diabetes - Why Making It So Complicate?

    Diabetes is mainly about controlling the Glucose, Heart and Weight. The problems also artificially created by medications registered for Type 1 or Type 2 where objectively some Type 1 medication has also advantages for Type 2 and some Type 2 medications have also advantages for Type 1. It needs to speak with the doctors about to improve the therapies. There is now some attempt to create 5 therapy groups as seen here: (18)30051-2/fulltext....
  • 2 days ago

    What Do You Do To "Fight" Diabetes?

    In order to beat Type 2 Diabetes, you have to "fight" to improve your health. What stands in the way of most people, newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, is themselves. They refuse to look for simple ways to make improvements in their health. They think, "I'll just let my doctor tell me what to do." There's two problems with this line of thinking: 1. They don't follow anyone's advice, let alone, their doctor's, and 2. Their doctor only see's them for 15....
  • 2 days ago

    Leg cramps

    I get servere leg clamps. This happens mostly at night but also at times during the day. I do have diabetes 2. I keep my blood sugar in check and now I don’t use insulin anymore, I was on it for years. The cramps are so bad, that they wake up at night and I do my best not to scream and wake the entire household. Is there any kind of treatment to help?
  • 3 days ago

    The US Diabetes Situation From the publications: The ADA is America's leading 501(c)3 nonprofit charity providing diabetes research, information and advocacy. The ADA raises most monies themselves and their overall fundraising expenses are 24%. In 2016, the ADA’s total revenue was $171 million. -- $40.9 million went to Fundraising and Fundraising Administration costs, 24% of the annual revenue. -- $32.2 million dollars was spent on Research Grants, 19% of the....
  • 7 days ago

    My recently deceased 73 yr old sister

    My sister had been in the hospital 3 times in 3 &1/2 months for a week in December 2017 again in January from the 10th-16th, 2018 and for 25 minutes on February 16th almost 2 months ago. In Dec. her glucose was normal at 103-108 and in Jan. normal again at 101-105 but she was taken by ambulance on Feb. 16th, unresponsive and treated with heart jump start meds and shock. she died 25 mins after she went into the ER. While reading her medical records I saw that her blood sugar was at 30 when she....
  • 8 days ago

    Confused goofball

    I’m confused as to what I can and can’t eat I read everything at the store how many carbs how many sugars can I have I read 35 carbs 10 sugars I put it down I don’t know so I don’t eat it. Anyone
  • 11 days ago

    If have To Do A Thyroid Test ?!

    Every body cell is linked to the Thyroid, but it gets often forgotten. The Thyroid can cause over 300 symptoms everywhere in the body. Therefore if some tests done, they should been done completely to be useful as following for the patients to insist on: For Antibodies: 1. TPO-Ak = MAK 2. TRAK 3. TAK (TSH receptor antibody.) For Hormones: 4. TSH (The brain hormone to regulate the Thyroid.) 5. Free T3 6. Total T3 7. Reverse T3 = rT3 (Important! Free T3 to rT3 Quotient = higher 2 ) 8. Free T4 9. Total....
  • 12 days ago

    Diabetic since 1994

    At 69 years old my feet were cold and stiff also many small lacerations, I had a retina cyst on my left eye macula and edema on my right eye ready to burst, I had terrible head aches that kept me awake at night, I walk around the house to alleviate my condition, every year I had UTIs, I was taking 5 medications my Blood Pressure was 120/80 and glucose test every morning under 90 (average) my A1c 9, weight 170 # and my glucose high under 200, BP 120/80 and no pills. Why?