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  • 4 days ago

    Neuropathy in feet

    I know neuropathy can cause pain and numbness in hands and feet. Can it also cause numbness and a swelling/heaviness feeling in the feet and the legs below the knees?
  • 6 days ago

    A1c/Fasting Glucose:

    Weird blood results last three draws, all about 6 months apart (listed in order). About a 12hr fast. Fasting Glucose 108, A1c 5.3 Fasting Glucose 108, A1c 5.4 Fasting Glucose 109, A1c 5.4 Accordingly, the glucose puts me smack in the prediabetic range, but the A1c is confusing. Me, tall/thin (BMI 22.5), age 48, exercise 4-5X week Eat extremely well due to cholesterol…if cardboard were a fruit group, I’d be all over it… Thoughts?
  • question about adverse reaction to steroids given to combat allergic reaction to insect bites

    I am allergic to just about everything. got tested and doctor told me that I just about need to be in a bubble. Life threatening allergic to insect bites, latex products. I went fishing with my husband on Monday and got bitten but didn't know it. I broke out in a rash and knots came up on my hands and side of one leg. itching got so bad, that benaydril didn't help. I am I guess borderline or diabetic. my glucose varies from 100 to 137 take no medicines for this. I finally went to the emergency....
  • 20 days ago

    Unusual BG high reading

    My glucose shot up mid afternoon to 335 by evening it went to 428 and 3 hrs later it started going down last chk was 251. Should I have gone to ER or did I do right and bring it down mysel
  • 30 days ago

    Highs and lows

    I am having trouble yo-youing. What should I eat when treating a low that I don’t skyrocket.
  • 1 month ago

    Foot Care

    Should I Trim my own toenails? I'm a big guy and its doable but alittle tough. Thanks
  • 1 month ago

    Is there hope?

    About a week ago my a1c reading was 7. 2 years earlier it was 6. I'm about 40lbs overweight and don't exercise much and have a terrible diet. I didn't listen. Now I WILL Exercise, lose weight and eat right. I also drink too much. I'm a binge drinker about twice a week. A pint of Canadian club each time. That will end. My question is: Seeing that I'm right at the limit high end and not over. Do you think I will be able to get my a1c under 7 in 3 months with a healthy low carb low....
  • 1 month ago

    Blood sugar high in morning

    I was controlling my BG (taking metformin 500mg, diet and exercise). Few days I am finding my FBS (fasting ) in the morning high. Any information ? (Reading morning 130, after 1 hour 140 then comes down..all fasting reading)
  • 1 month ago

    BG stable after years on insulin

    What would cause my sugar to stabilize all of a sudden after years on sliding scale, pill, and long acting shots. I have changed my diet or habits very little. This has been going on now for about 3 months.
  • 1 month ago

    Diabetes or hypochondriac... or pinched nerve?!?!?!!?

    For months I thought I had diabetes because of burning and tingling feet so I didn't go to a doctor and I just ate healthy and exercised and it seemed to be working. then some of the typical symptoms start popping months later up and I went to see a doctor. I got an x ray to see if my kidneys were functioning normally which they were, I had ketones but apparently it's usual for people who are exercising and losing weight. The x ray also showed one of the lower nerves in my back was pinched....