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  • 2 hours ago

    High hemoglobin while nose bleeding for weeks!

    Hello doctors, how come I have hemoglobin of 19.70 g/dl while I had nose bleeding for 3 weeks?? Please note that this reading is not due to any error because I have done two blood analysis on the same day at different labs and both showed the same very high result. Before this health issue, my hemoglobin level was tested twice in one month and each reading was above 18.5g/dl. Please note that I have an early stage of Mycosis fungoidis, which is confirmed by both skin biobsy and T-cel arrangment blood....

  • 17 hours ago


    High Intensive Focus Ultrasound. I am having this done Dec 21, 2017. I have done extensive research, and as of today this still is not approved by Medicare or any outside hospital in US. You must provide third party insurance where ever this procedure is done. If you have enlarged prostate, you must have this done first, so the surgeon can minimize the procedure.
  • 3 days ago

    I think I might have colon cancer

    So about 5 days ago I got a migraine that may or may not be related, then the next day I think. I had that and I was bloated in the abdominal area, there also feels like there's this thing right behind my anus that I can't poop out, or at least haven't tried hard enough, as well as having to poop like every couple hours, and a tendency to cough. This continued until about yesterday when my migraine went away for the most part but the diarrhea and the frequent trips to the bathroom continued....
  • 5 days ago

    27yo M with high wbc and enlarged lymph nodes ect.

    So at my yearly physical my doctor always sends for every kind of blood work, she thought maybe the high wbc/high lymphs and high neuros, was a flook so gave me anti biotics and sent me back 2 weeks later. Came back higher so sent me oncologists/hematologic took more blood work still high wbc at 20+ high lymphs counts during physical felt multiple enlarged lymph nodes measuring in 4cm each in groin. Also no signs of infection or sickness, last couple of months i have had chronic fatigue, just did....
  • 6 days ago

    Precancerous - liquid nitrogen sprayed

    Hi all, I had liquid nitrogen sprayed on 3 skin areas today (identified as precancerous spots) Has anyone else had this done? & were there any downsides to having it done? Two areas were on the side of my face, one mid-back area.
  • 7 days ago

    Is it a Lipoma or Liposarcoma?

    Hello. I am a 19-20 year old female who has had a lump on my right superior lateral thigh for approximately 2-3 years. Lately, this dime sized lump has been causing me a great deal of concern. Generally, it hasn’t grown much, however it is (in my opinion) immovable, deep, and a bit hard. Also, it is barely noticeable. I’ve talked to two practitioners in the past about this recently. One doctor felt very positive it was a lipoma and the second doctor wasn’t too worried, yet believes an MRI isn’t a....
  • 10 days ago

    Mono is concerning me....

    So at the beginning of November I suppose is when I got Mono. It started out with what seemed like a regular common cold, it went away. For a while, a persistent cough that would only happen when I was trying to sleep. Eventually, that went away. Around the 15th I noticed that the lymph node that deals with my right tonsil was sore, then I noticed that It was quite swollen. On the 26th, I was on a date and got sudden nausea, had a panic attack and threw up. On the 29th, I got tested for mono, tested....
  • 10 days ago

    Swollen lymph nodes and increase in lymphocytes

    I have had swollen lymph nodes for about 10 weeks. Things seem to be getting worse as they are more painful. My groin and hip have been in a lot of pain making it painful to walk at times. Doctor doesn’t know what’s going on as blood tests come back in normal ranges. The only change that has happened since this started is my lymphocytes went from 19% on the first test about 6 weeks ago to now 27.9%. I haven’t been sick in between the tests with anything but the swollen lymph nodes and some joint....
  • 12 days ago

    Testicular problem?

    I was diagnosed with a varicocele 7 months ago and i’ve noticed a dull pain in the arena of the varicocele. I’ve also started to notice a weird sort of pressure feeling in my left leg. I’m setting up an appointment with a urologist, but am i crazy for worrying?
  • 12 days ago

    Brain tumor?

    I know, very unlikely, right? I’m female and my symptoms started to show before August, now they have gotten much worse. I started getting phantom smells of cigarettes around 3 months ago. The headaches by my forehead and eyes didn’t appear until later on. Anyway, since then my phantom smelling has gotten much worse, my vision is getting worse, my headaches are unbearable sometimes, and I feel like my thinking is changing A Lot. I get phantom smells around everyday, and it feels like someone is pushing....