• 6 months ago

    Im terrified

    For the past couple of weeks, ive had issues with my bowel on the lower left side. Its been painful, and theres been a lpt of mucous coming out. Byt np doctor seems concerned. Its been almost a week, i feel sick. Im now seeing blood with it. My poop is ultra thin, i want to puke... Im only 18. Im scared. Everything says i have cancer. I dont want to die. Im on the other side of the country from my home and ive had a panic attack both nights ive been here. Again. None of the doctors seemed concerned about my condition l. I feel like none of them have listened.... Someone please help...


  • 4 months ago

    RE: Im terrified

    OMG!!!! I understand how you feel was in these same place you are few months ago... but I'm happy I'm free since I was introduced by someone thought a friend....I really want to help ok....all you have to do is contact him Direct and tell him all these then you'll hear from him [email protected] be waiting for the result soonest ok.