• 6 months ago

    Colon cancer - treatment time period

    My husband is scheduled for a second attempt to remove polyps & "see" if the cancer has spread. About a year & a half ago he had his first colonoscopy & they removed 9 polyps. 3 of which were cancerous.. so we've been told.
    I am having the absolute hardest time grasping what is actually going on because he is so vague & hates talking about his health. I'm only given quick overviews of what is going on & small bits of information from his doctor.
    I don't want him going through with this procedure in a couple days because nothing is adding up.
    1. During the first colonoscopy the doctor called him the very next day, before sending the polyps off to be tested & told him 3 of the 9 ARE cancerous.
    (From everything I've read, I keep finding it basically impossible to tell just from looking at the polyp if they are cancerous or not.)
    - The doctor supposedly sent all 9 polyps to be lab tested & apparently only the 3 he "diagnosed" with his eyes, happened to be the cancerous ones.
    2. This took place right at a year & a half ago.
    (I would think cancer would be a more serious "right now" issue & would want it treated or at least monitored as soon as possible.)
    - The doctor allowed him to schedule this second procedure a year & a half later without any kind of tests or screening since the first colonoscopy.
    3. Their reason for this procedure is to "get the rest of the polyps & see if the cancer has spread."
    (Correct me if I'm wrong... "If it's not broke, don't fix it.")
    - I can't understand why all the polyps weren't removed the first time. I can't understand cutting into him to see if the cancer has spread. Isn't it like opening a wound? Doesn't it make it worse if its disturbed?
    4. They are forcing him to have the procedure.
    (I can't grasp allowing him to wait so long to have this procedure, & then forcing him to go through with it.)
    - He's had this same doctor for about 7 years. The doctor has told him that if he does not go through with the procedure, he will be dropped as a patient.
    What!? This is cancer we're talking about! Let my husband wait well over a year to even try & dive deeper into treatment & now all of a sudden if he doesn't want to - drop him!?

    I just don't understand how, why or anything really. I guess my big question is.. Is this type of situation common?


  • 5 months ago

    RE: Colon cancer - treatment time period

    Hi there,
    You sound pretty logical and resourcefull! You are correct, that this doesn't add up.
    I am assuming your husband doesn't let you go to his appointment's with him? Obviously you absolutely must.
    I would start by going to medical records and getting EVERYTHRING. It must be approved by your husband, but everything, notes, biopsies, plan of care, is available for the asking
    Wishing you the best,
    Kim, NP