• 13 days ago

    Rectal Cancer

    My fiance is 15 years my senior we have dated for over 20 years he refuses to have sex (I think it's E.D. in addition to his cancer battle). had rectal cancer went through chemo and radiation but elected not to go through surgery... 2 years later he agreed to have the surgery because the cancer came back worse than before. As a result he now has a colostomy bag and is very rude about his etiquette when it comes to walking around the house with his t-shirt lifted over his bag. He does not spray in the bathroom when he empties his bag and the smell is EXTREMELY FOUL. He even leaves the bathroom door open when he leaves out of the bathroom. It's almost as though he does this intentionally. Please tell me how to deal with this. Also he does not shower on a regular I mean it's double digit weeks in between his showering although he washes up in the bathroom sink instead.