• Mother renal cell carcinoma Stage 4

    *** Year old. All siblings healthy and intact. She was mother of 3, but lost one male kid at the age of 4.

    She was very fit physically and topper in her studies and activities. Having limited resource she was doing whole hearted charity and feeding people was her passion.

    2003 Her mom was detected with non cancerous tumor in left Kidney and underwent successful removal of the same. My mom underwent Utrus removal surgery in 1998.

    2014 onward she was gaining more weight and her food intake discipline was not good and not balanced diet. She was always in stress, deep thoughts and getting irritated for small issues. She was started to find all sorts of disturbing things, watching painful TV serials, discussing more on friends family painful issues. This nature was totally unexpected and she started to irritate everyone in family. We got to know that she is having some imbalance and hormonal changes. She was very spiritual person and was doing her prayers very calm and quietly. But she was very reluctant to read spiritual texts though she was worshiping the same.

    2014-15 we took her to Gynecologist because of fatigue and Back pain. She did series of tests and everything was normal. Then she asked us to do Protein serum electrophorosys with complete heamogram. There was some visible evidence of Rheumatoid arthritis in her fingers. In test results we found ESR 26, slight high in Gamma globulin and M-Band 1.1. Doctor asked us to consult Heamotologist. We did the same. Heamotologist performed head to toe x-ray, Bone biopsy, scan but everything was normal. He asked us to repeat M-Band test once in 3 months and if any variation need to consult him as its very unlikely to get cancer. we believed him and started checkups once in 3 months consistently till Dec 2017. Everything was normal in that report.

    She was very active in this time and her nature was very unpredictable and became very impatient. Because she was traveling and doing lot of activities she never expressed her pain and health issues with any of the family member. In 2017 Nov she complained severe pain in the left thigh and told its becoming unbearable each hr. we took her to neurologist and orthopedic they performed back bone xray and told things are fine. She was complaining that she had a fall recent past in Garden.

    Then due to uncontrolable thigh pain they asked us to do MRI where they found Major Pathological fracture at L4, Mass pressing near L4 and 35mm big mass in L kidney. They did Spinal fixation and told its RCC stage 4 metastasis.

    They predicted 3 to 6 months life time by understanding her condition and never be able to walk out of the house. We decided not to disclose her metastasis condition. We approached many oncologists and urologist. Many sr doctors told live her at that don't experiment any chemical bombings on her it will become disaster.

    We told her fracture fixation and a small tumor in her kidney if required will treat at a later part. She was very strong with will power. She accepted that situation as it is and started to follow whatever we asked her to do. we started ayurvedic Ashwagandha treatment for nerve stability and was giving her Vitamin C vegitables and avoid meat and sugar. Post surgery she was not able to sit on char more than 10 sec. slowly she was practicing to stand and walk and to sit more time as much as possible. within 35 days she was able to climb 2 storied building stairs. surprisingly there was no spread or growth in first 5 months and she was able to do her morning walk with grand daughter and play with them in house.

    She was coming back on track without any onco treatment, in 6th Month she suddenly changed her behavior and was very stressful, lot of negative attitude all of a sudden. we made her sit quietly and pampered her. she was on phone every time with friends and sharing their pain which she was good at. After 1 months we took her to doctor following complaint of back pain.

    In scan it revealed that there was a additional growth near kidney. then that growth never stopped. one year from the date of surgery spread was near to liver and in pelvic muscle.

    In Dec 2018 she started vomiting whatever she eats. she was totally in liquid diet. Spirulina and Apple Carrot juice

    She was getting edima kind of swelling everywhere in the body. I approched one sadhu in Himalaya and asked solution for her. He told its already spread in many place but he suggested one medicine which can control all swellings and other intolerable condition in a weeks time.

    I prepared medicine as per his instruction and gave it to my mother. Desi cow's Calf's urine (Calf should be on its mothers milk). Add Turmeric, Onion and Garlic. Boil to reduce 50 percent and give her one tea cup every day morning for 10 days. I did it and surprisingly all her swelling and other issues reduced to zero. She was vomiting all types of food but she never vomited Urine therapy medicine.

    In Dec 2018 she started to have sever leg and back ache and was started to give Morphine 10 mg. She was very reluctant to take morphine and wanted to control pain in some other means. that time we suggested her to meditate by writing god name in ledger. She did nearly 17000 lines before her exit.

    The day she started writing she told pain is reducing day by day and feeling better. Her vomiting lead to weakness and she was on bed most of the time. The lower back spread paralyzed her left leg. We told her what had happened to her without using the word Cancer. She was very calm and asked kids to remain unite and share happiness till last day. we were not able to control our self by looking at her bold stand.

    In this period she read lot of spiritual texts. During her last days she wanted to tell us something but she was not able to. She was with us in home with Hospice care. She stopped her morphine 45 days before exit and she conquered the pain.

    Lot of spiritual things happened in those days and she showed us the path towards truth. After her exit she is showing her presence with a unique sandle smell whenever we speak about her and remember her deeply. Some more key notes not shared intentionally because some spiritual things are very hard to understand by many.
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