• over 1 year ago

    I always have bruises/been bruising over 10 years/should I worry?

    My dad died of prostate cancer at 71, whom i met when i was only 30. Im 38, He was born in 1942. When i met him there was supposedly an aunt who already had some form of cancer. At 37 i had a cyst on my left breast it was removed surgically so far my breasts will just ache or have spasms. I have been for a mammogram before the cyst was removed so i was exposed to radiation. At 21 i had malignant cells diagnosed via pap smear but they were removed via lazer treatment, so far whenever I have a pap smear, results are the same every year. Flora/Organisms: doderlein bacilli present and this is every year. Microscopy results: Satisfactory for evaluation but limited due to thick areas within the smear obscuring individual cellular detail. What does this mean and why do I always bruise?I bruise as if i hit a corner of a table, then the bruising last 2 - 5 days, dissapears on its own, then another appears somewhere else. The noted this is also that whenever i press on the bruise its painful. 2nd opinion please.