• 7 months ago

    ALL Leukemia

    My sister aged 76 has been diagnosed with ALL Acute lympho
    blastic Leukemia Philadelphia B - . She has heart failure, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and varicose vein ulcer on her leg.
    Some doctors want to treat her with chemo+ cortisone and some with antibody+cortisone whereas some tell us not to try any of these and leave her as it is. They say that due to age and other health problems she will not be able to tolerate any treatment. She may even get worse with side effects and shorten her life or go on with a life without any quality and regret to have taken treatment. Her red blood cells keep falling, her thrombocytes keep falling. They say she will be dying within 3 - 6 months. I do not know what to do. She is the last person alive in my family.She has newly had red blood transfusion. They will continue doing so and similar things. Is there anyone who has undergone such a procedure, who can help me in any way?I will be grateful.