• over 1 year ago


    hi everyone, I am a male 23 years old, and for the past two weeks since monday 7th Jan, i have been getting a headache that has not gone away since, am not sure what caused the headache i do not know how to best describe the headache, so i'll try my best to describe.

    it first started off as a dull, numbing pain around the head and forehead, hen i lay down or go sleep it goes away but when i wake up for 10 minutes it does not appear but then it slowly starts up again and gets worse throughout the day till i go sleep.
    this week Tuesday was really bad so i visited my GP the next day he was no help, he claims its most likely due to you being stressed since you lost your job but i know how stress headaches feel, so i thought i would ring the emergency they asked me questions if it is a sharp pain, or if it happens straight away in the morning ,but she sent me to the GP which.
    but last night and today the pain went away for abit all night but then it went to the right side and the back of the head near the neck area.
    i know this is very very long but am honestly getting worried now
    also when i stand up i get the headache.
    i dont really know where to post this.