• 5 months ago

    Worried sick about my uncle

    So, essentially my uncle was having some balance and vision problems. After a few different tests his gp ordered an MRI. A week or so after, he got a call saying that the MRI results were normal: the problems were written off as aging.

    A few months later he got a call from his gp's secretary. With very little detail, saying they want to do a follow up mri due to what was described as a "small shadow" or "blurriness". The mri is scheduled in a few months.

    My uncle is not concerned but I am beyond confused, and as I have anxiety disorder and care about my family I am finding it unbearable imagining the possibilities. I can't relax at all, I keep having nightmares and panic attacks.

    I have so many questions. (1) why would they say results are normal and then later want a follow up? (2) why would the MRI be so far in the future? Isn't time of the essence if it was a brain tumour? (3) is it possible they missed something serious like glioblastoma and he is going to die?