• 7 months ago

    This is for real!

    Once I was introduced to the mind-body and soul connection and put it into action on a daily basis; my journey with chronic pain has taken a very different direction. Fears have subsided, therefore anxiety is lessened" I do put into practice alternative practices such as acupuncture, mindful meditation, breathing techniques, massage (once I found a practitioner knowledgeable of reading/understanding MRI's)...the list goes on! Before, every aspect of my life was ruled/controlled by the pain. I would've preferred to die rather than imagining what my life would me like down the road. I no longer deal with "what if's"; I live for now and, believe me, that in itself is a big relief! My faith and trust in my Lord has strengthened my resolve and my daily outlook on my life. I accept the challenge that I have been given!