• Don't make your #lifestyle #genes #hygiene and #hormones gang up against you! Don't trigger the unknown! #cancerprevention

    Cancer continues to be one of those diseases that evokes a sense of fear & finality. Although an increasingly large number of cancer patients have successfully overcome the disease, it continues to be one without a long term preventive remedy. The world has witness an unprecedented number of Cancer patients & Cancer-related deaths over the last few decades. The disease has not only spread in numbers but also in different forms and variants. Some of the variants are not some of the most deadly diseases worldwide. There are more people affected by the disease across the globe and there are well over 100 types of cancers known currently.

    While the verdict is out on the exact causes of Cancer, it can be largely agreed that – lifestyle, hereditary factors, hormonal imbalances & hygiene factors play a crucial role in causing Cancer. An effective strategy to keep this factors in check – is largely accepted as the go-to method of preventing Cancer.

    Lifestyle is one of the most fundamental and largely ignored facet of Cancer. Most Cancer causing factors could well be eradicated, if people follow a healthy and smart lifestyle. Lifestyle and environmental factors alone account for over 90% of the Cancers worldwide. A healthy lifestyle includes – appropriate diet, regular exercise, stress management, no smoking, moderate alcohol consumption and work-life balance. Lifestyle also includes a healthy work environment with no exposure to excessive pollution, infections and radiation.

    One of the fundamental aspect of a healthy lifestyle is to stay away from tobacco, narcotics and excessive alcohol consumption. Tobacco is known to be the cause in over 30% of Cancers, while the same for lung cancers stands at 90%. Cancers of the throat, bladder, kidneys and pancreas is also known to have a higher incidence in patients with smoking & chewing tobacco.

    Over the past three decades, the lifestyle of people has undergone a vast change with obesity, lack of exercise and sedentary habits taking precedence. Global warming has increased exposure to radiation – resulting in 1 in every 10 cancer patients reported to have been exposed to ultraviolet radiation and most non-melanoma skin cancers are due to the over-exposure to radiation from direct sunlight.

    Following, lifestyle, genetics plays a crucial role in the development of cancer cells in the body. These include breast cancer, ovarian cancer and colorectal cancer. If you are suffering from any Cancers, it is best advised that your progeny takes care. Minimizing other risk factors can be a successful deterrent.

    Lifestyle & genetics together determine hormonal agents in the body that could be the cause of certain cancers. Lifestyle also includes our living & surrounding environs. Cleanliness, personal hygiene and community health allows for a higher preventive barrier of Cancers.

    Despite all the advances in medical science, Cancer still evokes a sense of the unknown, of the unthinkable. Prevention of the diseases is not just possible but also highly recommended.

    This #miscalculation will cost your dear. Don't chew your life away!

    Just one swig at a time! Under peer pressure or simply for the thrill of the smoke. For the heady high it is supposed to deliver or the innocuous habit it becomes over a period of time. Consumption of tobacco – smoked or chewed – is the surest way of lighting up your own life. A perfect metaphor or a slow, self-inflicted death.

    Tobacco is known to contain over 700 harmful chemicals, including cancer-causing agents such as benzene, cadmium, nickel, arsenic and others. Cigarette affects almost every single organ in the body and is known to cause Cancer of the lungs, esophagus, larynx, mouth, throat, kidney, bladder, liver, pancreas, stomach, cervix, colon, and rectum. Additionally, there is a risk of heart, kidney and liver diseases.

    Smoking affects not only the smoker but also passive individuals in the near-vicinity. Family members, children and colleagues are highly susceptible to the long term effects of passive smoking or secondhand smoke. Not only smoking, tobacco and related products are often consumed orally. Chewing tobacco is just as harmful and is the leading case of oral & throat cancers.

    Tobacco usage is a miscalculated step, which is perfectly avoidable but often transgressed. It is a lose-lose situation wherein you pay for your own downfall and later struggle to quit the habit, often unsuccessfully. The habit not only robs you of your money, it steals your time from family and with continued dependence it strikes hard at your own self-worth.

    Movies & fiction, might glamourize cigarette smoking and your peers might give you a hard time if you don’t indulge in it! But rest assured, smoking is both a miscalculated and misguided step – one that you are better off, staying far away!