• over 2 years ago

    Bump on tonsil tissue

    I'm 20 years old and I generally struggle with health anxiety. I have never smoked anything in my life and I have never tasted alchohol. I try hard not to let anxiety effect my every day life but for some reason I just can't bring myself to forget about this bump on my tonsil tissue. About 3 weeks ago I had the flu so I had a sore throat and just felt sick. I don't get sick often and honestly I had never looked into my throat before until I had that flu. I checked as my symptoms were dying down and I still had a minor sore throat. I noticed I had a lump on either my tonsil or really close to it. Its extremely small and hasn't changed in size for 2 weeks. At first it was swollen and red but its gotten smaller and the color is the same as my entire mouth now. Its about half the size of a pea I think. At first it stung a bit when I drank water and the water rushed across it. But now there is no pain at all. I have no difficulty swallowing and I have no other symptoms besides the bump being there. I prefer not to visit a doctor unless it is absolutely necessary so I thought i'd ask here first. The bump is the same color as the rest of the inside of my mouth. I don't even notice its there when I eat or drink. I've been monitoring my weight and nothing has changed there either. I still get around just fine and i'm not in pain. Whats been scaring me though is that i've used google a little too much and i've found out that some cancers are painless in early stages. I have never seen someone with cancer or seen what cancer looks like before. I've been extremely anxious and would like some reassurance so I thought i'd ask here. I should also say that I think at one point I had swallowed hot food too quickly and it actually burned that part of my mouth. I can't remember if this was before or after this bump appeared though. I get the feeling I burned it before the bump appeared. Sorry if some of this is vague I can provide a picture and answers to questions if they're necessary i'm not well versed in anatomy and I don't get sick often so this is very new to me. We don't have any problems that run in our family either aside from some anxiety disorders. I also was able to see my epiglottis for the first time when I rolled my tongue back it looks like everyone elses I think. I just didn't know if that was normal. I can't see it if I don't roll my tongue back. Thanks for reading this I look forward to your answers hopefully they'll ease my anxiety.