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    Penile Cancer?

    Months ago I’ve spotted a bump/growth on the side of my penis,

    Its under my foreskin so I can’t see it because I have phimosis

    and whatever it is made my foreskin tighter on one side. Even if I loosened my foreskin by stretching it’d still be hard to retract because of whatever is underneath it on the side of my head.

    It seems to cause me micro tears every now and then.

    One side of my penis head is definitely bigger as if it’s swollen which would be the side with the bump / growth.

    My penis also feels harder

    and less sensitive, it kinda feels hollow. My foreskin looks more baggy is more wrinkled than what it was. It’s definitely changed

    in appearance a bit. Another symptom is my foreskin is more oily

    and moist than usual on the outside and under my foreskin I get a tingly/ wet sensation and sometimes my penis feels abnormally cold. When I ejaculate it’s also uncomfortable,It’s like a cold sensation of pressure, that’s the best way I can describe it. No burning during urination though. Sometimes it burns afterwards. Sometimes there’s itching and burning pain in my penis as well. Texture wise, my foreskin can feel abnormally soft or rubbery and sometimes rough while under my foreskin my penis feels quite hard regardless if I’m flaccid or not.

    My doctors seem to think I just have a phimosis problem so they prescribe me with creams to stretch my foreskin but they don’t realize that the stretching will do nothing with what’s under my foreskin because it prevents me from being able to stretch it.

    I’m only 17 year and I’ve never had any sexual contact

    so I know for a fact that this isn’t an STD. I know that cancer

    of the penis is rare but not impossible, I believe I may have it.

    I’ve been struggling for a while. If anyone has any suggestions or

    any ideas of what I could have I’d definitely like to hear your thoughts.


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    RE: Penile Cancer?

    Sounds like you have an infection. Go to the doctor and get checked out. And a good thing to use daily is a creme called Man1 Man Oil.. it is antibacterial and made just for the penis... it helps keep the area extra clean and prevents infections and issues like this.. it is a great product so keep it in mind. Hope this helps.
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        Thanks for the response, I really appreciate it. I should be seeing an Urologist soon. I’ll definitely check out that antibacterial cream. (:
  • RE: Penile Cancer?

    Definitely get yourself to a doctor, and then check out a bottle of Man1 Man Oil. After using it a few times after you shower, you'll start to notice a different in the look, feel and smell of your genital area. It even helps thinning penile skin and repairs any damaged nerves or skin. Hope this helps.