• 8 months ago

    Im Afraid I Have Colon Cancer

    I stopped getting the urge to #2 when I got pregnant with my first child. I've been to a multitude of docs with the same diagnosis of lazy bowel or IBS. My last colonoscopy was 2008. No polyps or cancer. I have been enema dependent since 1966. I am 71. I have not felt well most of my life because of this. I also have kidney stones and cysts in both kidneys. My urologist wants to treat them so they are broken up. I have Type II diabetes but my sugar is still high. I am having symptoms of diarrhea that wakes me up at night it just happens out of nowhere. It lasts several days, stops and then suddenly reappears. Most of the time I'm constipated and after maybe 4 days I need to take an enema to feel better. After the enema my rectum feels "open" like there's pressure on my rectum. I feel like I have to go when I don't. It is so uncomfortable. I recently changed health insurances to Stanford Health. My primary doc had me do a stool sample and submitted it to the lab with a positive result of fecal occult blood. I met my gastro doc last week and have a Colonoscopy appt may 9. I have a rectocele that is also making me feel like I have to urinate very frequently. All this combined makes me feel like I'm dying. Please can those of you that were diagnosed with colon cancer tell me if you experienced the same symptoms. Sorry so long.



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    RE: Im Afraid I Have Colon Cancer

    Hello Dede913. I was diagnosed in Sept 2015 with Stage 4 Follicular NHL. This was based on bone marrow involvement. Because the report said "suggestive of lymphoma" instead of "definitive for lymphoma" I went to Sloane-Kettering for a 2nd opinion. They said, no, you are Stage 1 and recommended localized radiation and talked of a cure. I had the first course of 20 treatments and went for my scan and "surprise" here is another spot of localized involvement so we want to use radiation on that one too. (now I am Stage 2, I'm waiting for one of them to say Stage 3 so I can complete the hat trick). I said okay so went through my next 20 rounds of radiation. Meanwhile my medical oncologist is saying "watch and wait" but my research says that this is becoming old school. So, I agreed to wait for my next scheduled scan which was on July 20. I have a bunch of new lumps so expect a negative. I am leaning toward finding a new doc who will be more aggressive with chemo and monoclonal antibodies. I still had to give God all the glory and a big thanks to my Dr (supplier) A friend of mine found out about cannabis oil, which he referred me to a supplier. I quickly emailed her and got a feed back from her and he directed me on how to purchase the medication cannabis oil. Immediately i commenced with treatment with the cannabis oil as directed by the prescription manual. To God be the glory after started with 60 grams of the oil for couple of months. I got a pet scan last month and the dr said the cancer must have gone away. Once again you have to be aware that there is cure for cancer diseases today. Good luck to everyone and may the treatment you endure be both less traumatic than you anticipated and more successful than you hoped for!!