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    Could this be lymphoma?

    I have had a lump in my neck for about 5 months but quite recently i have started to get more symptoms that may point to cancer more specifically lymphoma. It wasn’t painful at first but it now aches a little bit and has grown a bit aswell. The lump is hard and moves around. I also get drenching night sweats and have lost a bit of weight even though I have always been skinny. I get pain in the base of my head on the right side. The lump is located under my jaw on the right side and there is another next to my Adam’s apple which is longer and bean shaped. I’m 18 years old and I smoke weed and cigarettes I am cutting down on the cigs. I’m very scared that this could be cancer and have a lot of anxiety. I’m going to my gp next week. Does anybody know what this is because I’m certain I have cancer and on the verge of a panic attack ?


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    RE: Could this be lymphoma?

    Sounds like my case. Went to doctor asked of biopsy. Result was cancer - highly survivable rate. Please don't wait. Don't be scared. Not knowing is hell. Knowing and taking control if treatment is empowering. I too thought your thoughts. Stop it. See your doctor.
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        What was the treatment for you ?
      • 11 months ago
        Yes, I had similar symptoms in 2010. Diagnosed with NS Lymphoma stage 2 with B symptoms ( night sweats, low grade fever, weight loss). Chemo ABVD for 6 months with Nulasta for low white cell counts and Amend for nausea. I recommend you go to a well rated cancer center for treatment. 8 year out, so far so GOOD. Thankful for every day.
      • 9 months ago
        : Hi can you share more of your story? Mine is like this: had palpitations a month later found a a heart murmur got tested and everything came back normal found cysts on my thyroid. Got thyroid hormones tested and it come back normal. Now it seems that every two weeks I find a new symptom. Don't know what to do. Sometimes i feel my doctors don't take it seriously.
        Any advice you could give would be helpful and also would love to hear your story.