• over 1 year ago

    many symptoms all at once

    hello all this is my first time posting let me say that im sorry for what will be a long winded post, also ill be upfront and say that ive been suffering through extreme anxiety,fear, and panic attacks due to my symptoms i would like to as that you initially answer as if i wasnt having terrible anxiety and then if you had somthing to add please do. so around a month ago my back started hurting i soon realized that it was my kidney acting up the pain faded but did not completely go away then around 2 weeks later my testicles started to ache and burn occasionally about a week later my testicles were burning and my bladder felt like someone was pushing on it and i had some burning while urinating but not all the time. i then noticed that i had a burning in my upper abdomen and i could occasionlly taste blood in my mouth the pain for all symptoms has been minimal. the final things i will add is that im currently waiting for my insurance from work to go through but i decided ill go to the er today i cant wait any longer also its been 10 years since ive seen a doctor when i was 13/14 i was a obese had high blood pressure and was a pre diabetic ive only gained weight and been more unhealthy with my eating since then.