• 9 months ago

    Lung Nodule

    In April 2016, I was diagnosed with kidney cancer and subsequently had my left kidney removed. The urologist who did the surgery was confident there was no other cancer.

    The CT scan taken prior to the surgery did reveal tiny lung nodules, something I had never heard of.

    Over the past 5 or 6 months, I've had a PET scan, several chest X-rays, at least 2 CT scans and an MRI. The results of the PET scan were inconclusive.

    The most recent CT scan shows that the largest of the nodules has grown from 8mm to 10mm in the course of about 4 months.

    A needle biopsy was attempted in December but failed. The doctor missed the nodule, and while the lung was not punctured, it caused bleeding into the chest cavity. This required a chest tube and a 3-day hospital stay.

    My oncologist is pushing me to make a decision - either another needle biopsy, an open biopsy, or start oral chemotherapy with a drug call "Votrient". I researched the side effects of Votrient and I'm not sure I want to put myself through that.

    Never has anyone said that this nodule is cancer. I feel like the oncologist is assuming it's cancer because it has increased in size. I don't want to start the chemo drug if it's not treating what it's intended for.

    I have no symptoms of lung cancer - no pain, no shortness of breath, no coughing up blood or inability to swallow. I have a cough attributed to the BP meds I'm taking - they all cause me to cough.

    On top of all this, I can't make anyone understand that the cost of the first month's dosage of Votrient - nearly $7000.00 - is just not feasible for me. Yes, it's been approved by my health insurance; that amount is with insurance coverage. But that amount of money will wipe out half of my savings. I cannot put myself in that type of financial risk.

    I am a woman alone - widowed - with no children and no family close by. I want to be able to do things with friends, to travel to visit family. I don't want to be incapacitated by the side effects of a drug treatment that maybe isn't necessary, or left financially strapped trying to pay for the drug treatment.

    I guess I'm just asking for some encouragement or someone to tell me I'm not crazy to be confused.



  • 7 months ago

    RE: Lung Nodule

    Gave chemotherapy...side effects are lousy...possible you still have cancer...
    Enjoy life with friends and travel...better than hospital bed...people don't die from cancer---they live with cancer until they die. Good luck/Bon voyage
  • 2 months ago

    RE: Lung Nodule

    So this was last year. I just came across ur post today. Trying to find out more about nodules in my lung. What has ur year been like? Any updates? I am sorry for all that u r dealing with