• 2 months ago

    HOPING somebody can help

    Ok so it all started about 3 months ago I was on holiday with my partner I started getting a really sore right testical that was causing me a fair bit of pain I thought I could feel a lump went to the doctors 2 months later and she said she couldn’t feel a lump I was having trouble peeing but that has since approved. The last few weeks I have had really bad tension headaches that have been fairly bad the last few weeks. All of a sudden I have a ache in the middle oh my back?? I also currently have a infested gum that needs looking at.... partner thinks the headaches etc could be caused by this? I’ve been stressing the last few months but so stubborn I haven’t been to the doctors. I’m stressing I have a tumour!?!!! Hoping somebody can tell me what they think it could be? Thanks