• 2 months ago

    Small Bowel Cancer

    Here's a brief summary of what is going on. I am a 27 year old, otherwise healthy female. But for the last few months, I have been feeling nauseous and constantly run down. I went to a few doctors with no help, but finally I had one order a CT. They found a large mass in between my duodenum and jejunum, so they recommended an endoscopy. I had that, and they found a 6cm large polyp. I found out later that it's a tubulovillous adenoma. They couldn't take it out there because it was too big, but they biopsied it and the results came back no high grade dysplasia or carcinoma seen. They told me they still weren't sure, however, and that they would need to wait until the whole thing was removed to say for sure that it is or isn't cancer. I went to see a surgical oncologist to get ready for a bowel resection, but she has ordered a colonoscopy and lung CT scan first to rule out metastasis(the colonoscopy is done and everything was completely normal). The original CT showed a single large lymph node in the mesentery near my cecum, and she said that is concerning. She will need to remove this lymph node first and look to see if it shows cancer. If not, then she will perform the resection and determine if there is cancer in the polyp or in the lymph nodes surrounding the polyp. If so, then she will assume the cancer has metastasized and begin palliative care and chemotherapy.

    I guess the main questions I have right now are how likely is cancer? Are negative biopsy results very common? Could cancer spread to just one distant lymph node like that? Is the course of treatment I'm on right now sufficient or should I be getting a second opinion before I have surgery?

    I'm mostly just scared and confused, so any other info anybody can provide is of course welcome and helpful. Thanks for your help.