• 2 months ago

    Could these be symptoms of cancer?

    So I recently noticed an abundance of bruises on my legs (at least five, or more relatively medium-sized ones on both), which also had a distinct look of spotting, opposed to the normal appearance they usually take on. The thing is, I usually don't bruise very easily, and I have no idea where they came from. I also had a bit of petechiae on the inside of my breast, as well as on the inside of my thigh, which eventually went away. Over the past few months, I've been extremely fatigued, and have lacked the normal amount of energy I should have (I'm an 18 year old female). I can get 8-12 hours of sleep a night, and still wake up feeling like I can barely get out of bed. My joints hurt, especially my back, and I have somewhat of a tingling numbness in my arms, and legs. My balance has been horrendous lately, albeit my general clumsiness, where even getting up from a chair causes me to slightly loose my footing (I also feel as if I have little control over my body due to a subtle shakiness in my legs, and hands). I'm plagued with headaches (which led me to get a ct scan (only of my head), but the results showed up normal). I get terrible night sweats, and constantly wake up drenched in the morning, having alternated through periods of pushing the covers off, and then putting them back over me. My throat has been irritating me on and off, which is generally unusual, as I rarely get sick, and haven't experienced allergies since I was a little kid. I've been experiencing chronic yeast infections, which don't seem to go away, even though I take a probiotic everyday, and have taken medication for them. My gums hurt, and my appetite has declined to the point of me loosing a substantial amount of weight. I still get hungry, but it's never constant, and I fill up easily. The thing is, I've always had an appetite, even though I didn't always eat right. It was never a matter of eating before, which is extremely deviant of my regular habits. I booked a doctor's appointment, but they don't have one open until next week. Could anyone tell me what I may possibly be experiencing? I'm worried that maybe I'm overreacting, and I know it's never right to self diagnose, but I also want to listen to my body, and understand what has been going on. Thank you to anyone who answers.